Jurara (ジュララ) is a Jaki, one of five drone Predacons that the Four Oni can manifest from ordinary objects. Jurara forms the leg of Goradora. Jurara is most likely controlled by Judora.


Transformers Go!

"Triple Combination! Swordbot - Samurai!"

In the battle for the Tatewakis' Legendisc, Gaidora formed the Jaki, including Jurara, from nearby automobiles. They were sent to attack the Swordbot Samurai Team, who made short work of the Jaki. Furious, Gaidora, commanded his minions to merge into the fierce Goradora, but the combined robot was ultimately defeated by the might of the Swordbots' combinations.

"Triple Combination! Swordbot - Ninja!"

Another Jurara was formed at Nagoya Castle with another set of Jaki by Judora to fight the Swordbot Shinobi Team. When they also easily knocked away the Jaki, Judora ordered the Jaki to form Goradora. Goradora was in turn defeated by GoGekisou, one of the Shinobi Team's combinations.

"Pursue! The Legendiscs!"

When Budora went to Japan's past in search of Legendiscs and to conquer history, he was followed by the Samurai Team. To fight on his behalf, Budora summoned Jaki from the earth. They, again, were of little trouble to the Samurai and formed Goradora only to be destroyed by GoJinbu.

"Discover! The Legendiscs!"

Similarly, Judora travelled back to the Sengoku era, only to be pursued by the Shinobi Team. He also summoned the Jaki to fight for him. Despite forming the more powerful Black Goradora, they were defeated once by GoSensui, and again by GoHishou.

"The Invincible Swordsman - Ryōma Sakamoto!?"

The Predacons fought against the Samurai yet again, this time in Japan's Bakumatsu period. Bakudora took a shot at summoning the Jaki and having them form Black Goradora, only for them to be felled once more, this time by GoGanoh's Ganenbaku technique.

"Showdown! Benkei Musashibō!"

The Jaki were called forth one last time by Judora when he battled the Samurai Team in the late Heian era. After the Autobots had defeated the individual Jaki, Gaidora used power he had previously acquired from Dragotron to absorb them into his body, increasing his size to gigantic proportions. But even with the Jaki's might added to his own, he was no match for the Autobots' GoKenzan configuration.


  • Jurara is most likely named and partly colored after Judora.
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