Junpei is a human from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I'm basically Genki!

Junpei (ジュンペイ) is a hyper-active young Japanese boy who loves astronomy and airshows! He totally freaks out under stress and uses a lot of exclamations! This apparently makes him the ideal ally of the Autobots!


Comics Bom Bom Generation 2 comic

In the year 199X, while trying to spot the moonbase through his telescope, Junpei saw moving lights that were actually a running battle between Electro and Jolt that ended on the moon!

When the Decepticon Cyberjets later attacked the Self Defense-Force airshow near Mount Fuji, Junpei defiantly threw a rock at Space Case! This proved to be a bad idea, but Electro intervened to save him from being squished, and gave him a totally rad hoverboard!

Junpei survived several near-miss explosions completely unharmed, including a blast by Megatron that nearly killed Optimus Prime and leveled the forest Junpei was standing in!

After Megatron's defeat, Prime observed that Junpei 'looks functional' and asked him to be the Autobots' human ally to help protect Earth's precious forestonite, a newly discovered super energy source! The Earth is in Danger!

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