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"With a sudden furious roar of engines and tail-pipes, the landscape shakes beneath the wheelie-poppin', throttle-hoppin' Junkions!"
―Diamond Transformers: The Movie Sticker Collector's Album

Junkion(ian)s are a tribe (or possibly race) of Transformers that inhabit the planetoid also known as Junkion. Their historical origin is unclear, although some sources imply that they may indeed be descended from Cybertronians. MTMTE guidebooks

They have very unique physiology, seemingly made of little more than the same rusted scraps of trash metal that compose their homeworld. They are capable of not only withstanding damage that would normally incapacitate or kill the average Transformer, but quickly repairing that damage using any pieces of scrap metal they can get their hands on. A Junkion may even be reduced to a pile of parts, only to come back at their enemy less than a minute later. Junkions in battle are utterly fearless, using tag-team and ambush tactics to keep mobile while swarming their opponents en masse.

They are also expert mechanics, even able to repair with remarkable ease Transformers normal medical science would write off as dead. How the Junkions have developed in this manner has yet to be explained.

Junkion culture is centered on one thing: Earth broadcasting. Their speech is a hodgepodge of television and radio clippings, making them oftentimes hard to understand. Junkions as a whole are somewhat childlike and naive. They are curious, but also tend to be wary of, if not outright hostile towards, newcomers to their planet (far too many have come with the goal of harming their world), but once a Junkion's friendship is gained, they go "coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs" and treat their allies as Friends For Life. As such, they are instinctively protective of humans, the source of television.

After having come in contact with the Autobots, the Junkions have become known as some of the best scrap metal merchants and traders around. Even some Decepticons make use of their services. The Junkions are all too happy to exchange energon for more scrap metal... even if they don't think to ask just where the scrap metal came from.

Known named Junkions include:


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All Junkions were Ex-Cybertronians. The planet used to be a floating mass of scrap and junk before it collapsed together. When the space bridges still worked, junk was sent through from Cybertronian colonies all over the galaxy, and sometimes the cargo was carrying Cybertronians, they either came with the junk or with the ships that have crashed into it. No Junkions are native to the planetoid. They evolved to survive on junk, salvaging the best of it to re-make into useful things, like furnaces, shacks to live, and machinery. Life on Junkion is hard, sometimes they even turn to cannibalism for good scrap. They can turn a hand full of shards of Fibre-optic cable, crush it in their hands and remould it into something new.


  • According to a history trailer featured at the end of various Season 3 episodes, the Junkions are a "tribe of Autobots that dwells on the planet Junkion", ostensibly cementing their place as Transformers.
  • In G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II, part 3, the Dreadnoks, a Cobra biker gang, are shown to ride motorcycle/compactor hybrids that look just like the Junkions. The Dreadnoks claim to have found their new bikes in a junkyard at some point. No indication is given that the bikes are living Transformers, leaving it simply an Easter egg for the reader.
  • In the 2007 movie Transformers, Bumblebee's damaged voice unit means that he can only speak in radio broadcasts, possibly in homage to the Junkions. Optimus' explanation that the Autobots learned Earth languages from the Internet may also be a reference.
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