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Adventure Junkion Packageart

Junkion (ジャンキオン Jankion) is an Arms Micron. Although he is supposed to be a healer, his serious rage issues mean that he lashes out at everyone and everything around him whenever he gets angry—and thanks to his hair-trigger temper, he gets angry very frequently.



  • Junkion (2015-03-21)
    • ID number: TED-05
Junkion is a blue and white redeco of Age of Extinction Junkheap. Junkion transforms into an "Eco Clean" garbage truck. He includes a chomping claw action feature which can be activated in both modes. As with Junkheap, the paint ops for his eyes are not actually applied to his sculpted eyes.
His scannable insignia is on his vehicle-mode trailer. A fake, non-scannable decal has been placed on a clear-plastic guard when the toy is in-package, preventing you from scanning them into the Adventure app without actually purchasing the toy.


  • Although the "Easy Dynamic" Adventure toys did not have on-package bios or tech specs, they did have them within the Adventure app.
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