Junkion is a planetoid which formed around the Requiem Blaster's gravitional pull and the homeworld of the Junkions.

Transformers: Exiles

Junkion was a planetoid in interstellar space, with no sun or moon. It was a world of towering trash mountains and deep valleys stratified with garbage and refuse of all kinds; a ring of abandoned spaceships surrounded the planet, and many of these same hulks had fallen planetside. These ships were from all across the galaxy, including Quintesson, Cybertron, and Velocitron. This peculiar geography owed its origins to the fact that Junkion was not a naturally occurring world. In fact, deep beneath the planet the Requiem Blaster lay forgotten, and its formidable gravity brought many drifting pieces of space junk together. Junkion was later used in the early days of the Golden Age as a place to dump refuse and garbage from colonization efforts across the galaxy. This same planetoid found itself home to all kinds of criminals, pirates, and outlaws on the run. Over time, however, the space bridge project failed, and the lowlifes on the planet were forced to adapt and innovate. Since then, Junkion developed a stable and thriving society based on scavenging and recycling refuse. Teams of Junkion scavengers prowled the landscapes for anything useful, which was collected and recycled into something new.


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