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Jungle Planet is a planet in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Jungle planet from space

"You should get the croix de guerre; remember it's a jungle out there."

Jungle Planet (sometimes referred to as the Beast Planet, not to be confused with Planet Beest) is the simple and beautifully appropriate name for a lush and violent world covered in dense wilderness. Its surface is wrapped in tangled webs of foliage, some of it allegedly techno-organic, and vast, little-travelled oceans. The light of day is harsh and scorching; the rains are torrential downpours. Volcanoes rise above the green canopy, usually slumbering in smoky menace, sometimes bursting forth with firestorms of destruction.

Within the shadows of the enveloping jungle, strange beasts prowl; but not all these are of flesh and blood, for in ancient times the Jungle Planet became home to strange beings. They emigrated from the planet Cybertron; they were Transformers, and quickly altered their forms to suit their new home. They prowl the Jungle Planet, and dwell in its caves and rough structures; robotic beasts of fearsome power.

Only the mightiest may rule this planet, where strength and teeth are the only laws. At the time of the hunt for the Cyber Planet Keys, this was the great and terrible Scourge, a ruthless despot who feared none but himself.

Japanese Name: Animatros

Known Jungle Planet residents

Also on Jungle Planet are generic Transformers that each resemble a different animal, such as an Apatosaurus, an owl, a lobster, a deer, a giraffe, and a tropical bird.


Notable areas of the Jungle Planet include...


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