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"I worry...especially when I feel like I can't control things — which, with a teenager, is all the time."
― June to Arcee in Metal Attraction.

June Darby is Jack's mother and is one of the only adult civilian humans to know of theAutobots . She was initially unaware of the Autobots' existence for long until she was targeted by MECH and Airachnid. She was saved by Jack and Arcee and told the whole truth, after which Jack and Arcee took her to the Autobot base to meet the rest of Team Prime. June also revealed to Arcee that Jack's dad left them and that is why she's overprotective, fearing she might lose him too. She also seems a bit too focused on things being 'normal', even when the circumstances obviously throw normalcy out the window.


June's husband had left her and Jack for unknown reasons. June admits to Fowler that their marriage was more like a "saga". His departure left June to take care of Jack and also revealed that this is the reason why she is overprotective of him.

Jack and his motorcycle

June darby by joy1411-d6z4y1i.jpg

June called Jack in Darkness Rising, Part 1. June Darby was introduced in Darkness Rising, Part 2, where Jack had brought a motorcycle into their garage. She questioned him and allowed him to keep it, as long as Jack wore his helmet every time he rides. She also hopes he would take her out for a ride. June returns in Crisscross where she catches Jack breaking his curfew and failing to do his job at the burger shop. June thinks that Jack has been street racing with his motorcycle and grounds him for that, with no use of the motorcycle. June kisses Jack on the forehead and tells him she loves him. The next day, June calls Jack and tells him that she's coming home early to make dinner for Jack. She comes home to find Jack has disobeyed her orders of not taking the motorcycle. Jack tried to tell her the origin of his new bicycle, which he tells her that his motorcycle is an alien from another world. June thinks Jack is lying and things weren't so right. One night on her way home from work, June was captured by M.E.C.H.. Jack and Arcee had to save June before M.E.C.H and Airachnid harm June. While Arcee fought Arachnid, Jack was trying to save his mom from Airachnid's web trap. June realized Jack was telling the truth about his motorcycle. In the end, Arcee introduced herself to June and Jack took June for a little trip to the base. June was surprised to see these robots and she waved to them.

June visits

June drove her way to the base to see Jack. She arrived and hugged him, with Arcee and Ratchet being the only Autobots there at the time. June said hello to them and she asked where was Optimus. Ratchet told her that Optimus went on a mission with Bumblebee. June jokingly said she wore heels just to impress Optimus, much to Jack's embarrassment. She further irritates Jack by questioning why Arcee needs Jacks help. June stayed at the base when Arcee and Bulkhead left, with Miko tagging along. Apparently Miko left the base to avoid being with June. When Arcee returned to the base, June apologized to her and Arcee accepted it.

Rafael injured

June came to the base to help with aiding Rafael, who was in critical condition after Megatron injured Rafael when he blasted at Bumblebee in vehicle mode. Ratchet was able to make his own cure for Rafael. When June checked Raf's pulse, it was stabilized and Rafael was feeling a little better.

Chaos encounter

When Optimus was rescued, June told Optimus that Raf is lucky to be alive. Optimus told her that he will do everything in his power to ensure the safety of all humans, even their human friends, but June didn't want to listen and despite the fact that the world was spinning out of control, she wanted to take her son, Raf, and Miko away for good. Jack and Miko however wouldn't go, Miko asserting that she stays and Jack because he felt duty bound to stay and he realized how dangerous the situation was. She took Raf in her car and they drove to the hospital. However, they were almost sucked in by a tornado but Bumblebee saved them both. On their way back to the base, June reconciled with Jack as she hugged him and grounded him until he's thirty-years old, which she soon changed it to twenty-five. June remained at the base as Agent Fowler came and as the team were discussing about Unicron's awakening. June heard as the Autobots fought against Unicron's manifestations. June was shocked at Optimus for letting Megatron into the base after what he did to Rafael and Optimus ensured her that Megatron is just there to only give the coordinates to Unicron's spark chamber. June and the other human watched as the Autobots and Megatron go through the Groundbridge. While the weather around the world was becoming chaotic, the humans remained inside the base with Ratchet where June suggested that the kids play a game but they did not want to.


June and the humans took cover under Ratchet when an earthquake came. Agent Fowler grew impatient with being restrained inside the base but Ratchet provided the humans with a story in a time where Optimus was before he became a Prime. When the earthquake passed, the humans and Ratchet were overjoyed when they discovered that Prime and his team were alive. Agent Fowler awkwardly hugged June through the excitement. June was there when the Autobots told them about Optimus having amnesia and leaving with Megatron.

Letting Jack go to Cybertron

Ratchet discussed about Optimus losing his memories and the keycard that Optimus entrusted to Jack to the Autobots and humans. June strongly disagreed with letting Jack venture to Cybertron. However, June was confident when the team convinced her to let Jack go to Cybertron with Arcee as his guide. During the mission, June remained at the base with Miko, Rafael and Agent Fowler. When Arcee was fighting the Insecticon to buy Jack some time to go to Vector Sigma, June was able to encourage Jack to continue on with his mission. After the mission was complete, June was there to welcome back Jack along with the other Autobots and Optimus Prime, who regained back his memories.

Jack missing and Base's destruction

Wow beam.jpg

June called Ratchet to find out where Jack was since he did not return from school, but she got an abrupt response from Ratchet. Suddenly an energy wave struck the outside the town and June watched in shock. When the energy wave disappeared, June headed out in her car to the base. She was under attack by a Vehicon until Agent Fowler arrived to her aid. He rescued her and took her in his helicopter. They both watched in horror as the Nemesis destroys the Autobot base.

Season 3

June joined the medical personnel at the base that Agent Fowler retreated to. She informed Fowler about the wounded soldiers and Fowler was busy with dealing with all of the problems the Decepticons are bringing to Jasper. June was overjoyed when she received a text message from Jack. June was present when Agent Fowler received a call from Ratchet who did not give any information about Jack. June went with Fowler in his jet to the Harbinger where she reunited with her son, Miko, Rafael and most of Team Prime including Ultra Magnus. June was there when Optimus Prime returned in a new body and to celebrate Team Prime returning once again.

June paid a visit to Fowler to ask about medical supplies, and ended up being talked into helping him retrieve a Predacon relic from a museum. The pickup went without a hitch, but then the pair ran into Knock Out who promptly grabbed them and the Predacon bone. As the Decepticon proved unable to contact his ship to arrange pickup, June and Fowler were able to escape into a rail yard, in which June hid the Predacon bone on a departing train. The furious Knock Out took them both with him when he pursued the train, only releasing them when Arcee and Wheeljack joined the chase. Luckily Wheeljack caught the two humans, and returned them to base safe and sound, where Jack was alarmed to see that they'd taken a shine to each other.

Following the defeat of the Decepticons, June turned out to farewell the Autobots from Earth. She had to put her foot down when Fowler announced he was making the three kids Unit:E agents. She stated that until they are older that they can be considered agents. June was there to see the Autobots leave and to witness Optimus giving the humans a last glimpse before leaving.


June is an overprotective, caring, and a loving mother to her son Jack. She also seemed convinced when Jack brought in a motorcycle and soon held a surprise when she learned the truth about Jack's motorcycle after the events in Crisscross. In Metal Attraction, she seemed to want to make an impression on Optimus by wearing heels but was displeased when Optimus was out on a scouting mission with Bumblebee. When Jack brought her to meet the other Autobots, June soon became fond of them and friendly. However, when Raf was injured by Megatron, she felt the need to take Raf to a hospital even after he was cured by Ratchet. This would show she is stern in most situations. When the base was destroyed by the Decepticons, June was devastated and with Jack scattered with the others made her worried beyond comprehension. When she was reunited with Jack, she cried tears of joy when she hugged him and was also relieved when she hugged Miko and Raf as well. She also appears to be a mother figure to the kids and a reliable ally to the Autobots.



Jackson Darby (Son)

June reuniting with her son in Prey.

Jack is June's only son. Since Jack's real dad left June and Jack for an unknown reason, June remains the only parent that Jack has. She loves and cares for her son with all of her heart. In Crisscross, June gave Jack a strict rule about breaking curfew and gave Jack a kiss on the forehead. Later on, June was overwhelmed when she was captured by M.E.C.H and Airachnid. After Agent Fowler came with his troops, Jack and June was safe. Jack invited June to the Autobot base where she met the Autobots. In Metal Attraction, June turned up in the base and gave Jack a hug in front of Arcee. In One Shall Rise, Part 1, Jack remained at the base despite his mom ordering him to go with her to take Rafael to a hospital. However, June returned with Rafael after being rescued by Bumblebee. June and Jack made up and they remained at the base when the Autobots left to face Unicron. In Orion Pax, Part 1, June disagreed about sending Jack to Cybertron. In Orion Pax, Part 2, the team convinced June to let Jack go and she did. In Orion Pax, Part 3, June encouraged Jack to continue his mission and she welcomed him back when the team returned. In Darkest Hour, June was deeply concerned over where Jack was. In Darkmount, NV, June was relieved and overjoyed when Jack texted her back. In Prey, June reunited with Jack and cried in happiness. In Plus One, Jack was concerned when his mom and Fowler was kidnapped by Knock Out. June and Fowler were safe but Jack was surprised to see they were walking together. In Persuasion, Agent Fowler revealed that he was talking to Jack's mom about making Jack a field agent.


William Fowler

You smell nice

June met Agent Fowler in Crisscross. While they were rarely seen to interact, in One Shall Rise, Part 1, Agent Fowler was surprised to see June at the base. In One Shall Rise, Part 3, Agent Fowler hugged June when they discovered Optimus's team was alive. In Orion Pax, Part 2, Agent Fowler placed his hand on June's shoulder when they heard Arcee and Jack made it to Cybertron. In Darkest Hour, Agent Fowler rescued June from a vehicon and she went in his helicopter to watch in horror as the base was destroyed.

In Darkmount, NV, June and Fowler retreated to a human military base where they try to find out where the Autobots and kids are. In Prey, June and Fowler received a call from Ratchet.

In Plus One, Agent Fowler was most excited when June arrived in the base as he fixed his tie around. He asked June to refer him by his name "William" instead of Agent Fowler. Fowler suggested on going on a Predacon bone hunt with June. As they walked back from retrieving the bone at the museum, June and Fowler began talking with each other about their former marriages until Knock Out captured them. While they argued inside Knock Out's trunk, they came up with a plan to escape. It worked, but Knock Out was able to get Fowler and use him as a hostage if June did not come out from hiding. June revealed herself by stating Fowler was not her boyfriend and that she hid the bone on the moving train. Knock Out saw her little trick and took both of them to get the bone. They were rescued by Wheeljack and Arcee who arrived on the scene. After a short battle with some Insecticons, Wheeljack recused Fowler and June just in time. Back at the base, Fowler and June walked together much to Jack's surprised reaction.

In Persuasion, Fowler revealed to Jack that he would be suited to a field agent. Fowler also revealed that he was talking with June about arrangements but their conversation was cut short as Chip flew around the base.

In Deadlock, Fowler, Wheeljack, Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen shared salutes as June watched.

Both Agent Fowler and June somewhat seemed to have a growing relationship but it is unknown if they actually became a couple after the series finale.

Optimus Prime

That's why I still get JEALOUS!!!

June met Optimus Prime in Crisscross. In Metal Attraction, June questioned where Optimus was. Ratchet told her that Optimus was on a scouting mission with Bumblebee. June stated it that she wore heels on for Optimus. In One Shall Rise, Part 1, June was strict at Optimus because Rafael was almost killed in battle by Megatron. In One Shall Rise, Part 3, June looked sad when the team told that Optimus had amnesia and left with Megatron. In Orion Pax, Part 3, June told Jack that Optimus was counting on him to complete the journey to Vector Sigma and restore Optimus's memories. June welcomed Jack along with the team and Optimus Prime back in the base. In Rebellion, June was there to celebrate with Optimus and the other Autobots including Ultra Magnus.


Thank you Arcee.jpg

Since Darkness Rising, Part 2, June was less than impress that Jack bought home a motorcycle. Until Crisscross, Arcee revealed herself in robot mode and introduced herself to June, which June thanked Arcee for saving her and Jack's lives. In Metal Attraction, Arcee was not too thrilled that June was overprotecting Jack. However, June apologized to Arcee about being overprotected of Jack. Arcee accepted her apology and they became close friends. In Orion Pax, Part 2, Arcee assured June that she will protect Jack on their journey to Vector Sigma and June allowed it. June and Arcee share a caring friendship.


Ratchet and June.jpg

Ratchet met June in Crisscross June and Ratchet share different experiences in medical work. In One Shall Fall, Rafael was in a critical state after getting injured by Megatron. June arrived to help out and Ratchet was left to watch her work. He later suggested by using Energon to help Rafael. This process worked and Rafael was cured and alive. June and Ratchet work on different respected fields of medicine but can work together as a team.


June waved to Bulkhead and the other Autobots in Crisscross. Bulkhead is an ally to June.


June waved to Bumblebee and the other Autobots in Crisscross. Bumblebee saved June and Raf's lives from being pulled in a tornado in One Shall Rise, Part 1, which June thanked Bumblebee and Raf told her Bee said "You're welcome." Bumblebee is an ally to June.


June witnessed as Agent Fowler shared a mutual salute with Smokescreen, Wheeljack, and Ultra Magnus in Deadlock. Smokescreen is an ally to June.


June was there to see Agent Fowler, Wheeljack, Smokescreen, and Ultra Magnus having a moment to salute with Agent Fowler in Deadlock. Wheeljack is an ally to June.

Ultra Magnus

June stood by to look when Agent Fowler shared a mutual salute with Ultra Magnus, Wheeljack, and Smokescreen in Deadlock. Ultra Magnus is an ally to June.

Rafael Esquivel

June met Raf in Crisscross. When Raf was injured by Megatron in One Shall Fall, June came to help out with curing Raf. Ratchet used some of Bumblebee's energon to cure Raf and it worked. June tried to take Rafael to a hospital but they were caught up in a tornado until Bumblebee rescued both of them. In Prey, June hugged Raf when she was reunited with the team. Besides Jack, who is her real son, Raf is like a son figure to June.

Miko Nakadai

June hugging Miko and Raf.jpg

Miko met June in Crisscross. In Metal Attraction, Miko missed how the base was a secret hang out for the kids instead of adults like June. In One Shall Rise, Part 1, Miko did not agree nor did she go with June to take Raf to the hospital. In Prey, June hugged Miko when she was reunited with the team and Miko didn't seem to mind as she hugged June back. Miko is like a daughter figure to June.


  • "Jackson Darby, we've talked about this." - June to Jack in Darkness Rising, Part 2.
  • "I worry about you enough when you're not here, now I have to worry about you driving a motorcycle?"
  • "Her? I didn't think you'll be bringing girls home just yet."
  • "Well, I'm glad you finally have a reason to wear your helmet every single time you ride. You will take me for a spin every once in a while."
  • "I work in an emergency room, Jack. I've seen what can happen. So, please tell me you haven't fallen in with a bad crowd?" - June to Jack in Crisscross.
  • "You're grounded from everything but school and work. And if you want to take a bike to either, you'll pedal. Serious face, Jack. If I see that motorcycle out of the garage *kisses Jack on his forehead* Now go wash up and get some sleep. I love you."
  • "I took my break early so I could cook my grounded son a wholesome dinner."
  • "Jack! Jack, I can't believe you disobeyed me."
  • "Did you get one of your crew to sneak it in, or did you just walk it up again?"
  • "Jack! Jack, I can't believe you disobeyed me."
  • "Jack! Jack, I can't believe you disobeyed me." - June after witnessing Arcee transform.
  • "Thank you, Arcee."
  • "Finished my shift early at the hospital, so I thought I'd swing by. Good to see you again, doctor. Arcee. So, where's Optimus?" - June in Metal Attraction.
  • "And I wore heels and everything." June trying to make an impression on Optimus.
  • "But I just got here. I brought sandwiches."
  • "I worry, especially when I feel like I can't control things, which, with a teenager, is all the time. Jack and I have always been close, especially after his dad left, and I guess it's just Hard to accept that all that's changing. I mean, I knew it would someday, but you're not quite the type of girl I thought Jack would be ditching me for."
  • "If I don't get this boy stabilized now, he will not leave this table alive. Do you understand me?" - June to Ratchet in One Shall Fall.
  • "Jack, help me get Raf to the car. He's going to the emergency room."
  • "You said Energon was devastating to humans."
  • "Pulse rate is stabilizing."
  • "He's lucky to be alive." - June to Optimus about Raf in One Shall Rise, Part 1.
  • "Optimus, they're children. They do not belong in your world. They should be worrying about grades, prom dates, pimples. Not their own survival!"
  • "Thank you." - June to Bumblebee after he saved her and Raf from being in a tornado.
  • "But you're grounded till you're 30.....25." - June changing her position of punishing Jack.
  • "So, he did have his morning stretch, which is why these quakes happened." - June about Unicron waking up.
  • "How can you even think about letting that monster near these children after what he did to Raf?"
  • "Who wants to play a game?"
  • "There could be aftershocks."
  • "Jackson Darby! You will NOT be travelling to another planet." - June to Jack in Orion Pax, Part 1.
  • "You're not going either, Miko. Not while one of YOU can."
  • "When you were little, you always wanted to be an astronaut." - June reflecting on Jack's past as she allowed him to go to Cybertron in Orion Pax, Part 2.
  • "Optimus is counting on you." - June to Jack in Orion Pax, Part 3.
  • "Ratchet? It's June Darby. How are you?" - June to Ratchet in Darkest Hour.
  • "No." - June after witnessing the Autobot base' destruction.
  • "Agent fowler, those medical supplies still haven't arrived. We have wounded men who need--" - June to Agent Fowler in Darkmount, NV.
  • "Ratchet? Where's Jack? Is he with you?" - June to Ratchet in Prey.
  • "Your families are safe. Agent Fowler saw to it that Jasper was evacuated in time."
  • "The medical supplies you so graciously offered to donate that Jack keeps forgetting to bring home. The hospital appreciates your generosity, Agent Fowler." June thanking Agent Fowler in Plus One."
  • "Maybe you should all just wait for Optimus."
  • "Safe? Is my teenage son seriously going to tell me that its fine for him to travel all the way to Cybertron, but his mother can't be trusted to go on a on a -"
  • "More like a saga, but one I'm sure you've heard before."
  • "I told you we should have waited for Optimus."
  • "Never let a Decepticon take you to a second location."
  • "Pepper spray?"
  • "Okay, first, not my boyfriend. And second, you're not laying a metal digit on him. Not if you ever want to see your precious talon again."
  • "I hid it on a train car. Let us go, and I'll tell you which one."
  • "The milk run turned a little sour, but Bill and I are just fine."
  • "Consultants. Until you're of age." - June to the kids in Deadlock.


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  • June asked Jack that he would take her on a ride on his motorcycle in Darkness Rising, Part 2, which he did in Crisscross when June learned his motorcycle was Arcee and soon met up with the rest of Team Prime.
  • June is named after Jeff Kline's mother June and daughter Darby.
  • June Darby's license plate is "RPI-437".
  • Her car resembles a Ford Crown Victoria.
  • According to her son, June is lactose intolerant.