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No, I mean take a submarine!

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The Jumpstarters are an Autobot subgroup in the Generation One continuity family.

The Jumpstarters Topspin and Twin Twist are impulsive warriors with the ability to transform very quickly between modes.

French name (Canada): Démarreurs-Bondisseurs


Marvel Comics continuity

They were members of the Wreckers, led by Impactor, and later, Springer. Topspin was a glory hound, while Twin Twist resented the thought of doing nothing while innocents were being abused by troublemaking Decepticons this got them to participate in Operation: Volcano, a trap meant to trash ten of the Decepticons' greatest assassins with no problems. For some reason, only Macabre bothered to show up. The plan was to have Topspin trash Bomshell and Blitzwing, while Twin Twist would help Roadbuster destroy Dirge and Ramjet, but in the end, the only deaths were Macabre and Impactor. Target: 2006

Maybe that's why they did not have a plan when they joined the Mayhem Attack Squad in battling Galvatron, Megatron, Scourge, and Ravage. The Jumpstarters needed to keep cool heads or as least keep their heads.

They didn't.

They died. Time Wars

Dreamwave comics continuity

They were members of the Wreckers, led by Springer, and later Ultra Magnus. Their achievements included distracting Devastator, driving Menasor crazier than usual, (outliving teammates Roadbuster and Whirl, and joining the Autobots in overthrowing Shockwave. Escalation War and Peace

They probably would have eventually died if Dreamwave had continued.

IDW comics continuity

They were members of the Wreckers, led by Springer. They fought Bludgeon and Thunderwing. Stormbringer

Maybe their luck will change in this continuity?


Both Jumpstarters are notable for their autotransforming feature. Their alternate modes are spring-loaded, and held into place by a catch. Equipped with pull-back motors, they race forward when released, tripping the catch, which allows internal springs to snap the robots' bulky legs into place, which are balanced so as to leave the robot standing upright on its rather broad feet.

On both figures' back is a device resembling a switch, which actually controls the position of a small internal weight. If a Jumpstarter won't stand upright when its legs snap out, but falls over sideways, the switch can be moved to the other side to compensate.

Jumpstarters were made in sufficient numbers to fill the toy boxes of the entire known universe.

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