Judora (ジュドーラ Judōra) might at first glance seem to be the least dangerous of the Four Oni, with a deceptively quiet and gentle demeanor, but the reality is that his veneer of sophistication masks a furious rage even Budora is hard-pressed to confront. If that weren't bad enough, Judora can also dominate the unwary with the Curse Waves from his robot helmet. He has two horns, because two horns are better than one.


Transformers Go!

TFGoShinobi1 Judora beast mode

At some point, Bakudora, Budora, Gaidora, and Judora entered stasis underground near Mount Fuji where the Demon Emperor Dragotron was buried. After a boy unknowingly unearthed Dragotron's head, the Emperor summoned his four servants to awaken from their sleep. Judora and Bakudora immediately set out for Nagoya Castle, where they detected the azure Legendisc. However, upon finding it, Judora lost the Legendisc to Tobio Fūma, descendant of the ninja Fūma clan, who were tasked with protecting the "sacred mirror". Frustrated by the human boy, Judora began attacking bystanders in an attempt to get Tobio to turn over the Legendisc. This had an adverse effect, as the Legendisc summoned the Swordbot Shinobi Team from within Nagoya Castle in response to Tobio's stand against the Predacons. Faced with Autobots, Judora summoned Jaki from random pieces of machinery and sicced them on the Swordbots. When the individual Jaki failed to make much of an impression, Judora had them combine into Goradora. But he too fell, this time against the might of GoGekisou, a combined form of the Shinobi Team. With the Jaki gone, GoGekisou attacked the two Predacons, sending them fleeing.

Judora planted a bugging device on Tobio, allowing him to listen in as Optimus Prime briefed the boy and the Swordbot team on the nature of the Legendiscs. He was interrupted in his musings by Budora, and asked his fellow Predacon when Dragotron was going to wake up. Judora and Gaidora went back in time using Dragotron's Legendisc, and tried to snatch the disc Kotarō Fūma possessed only for the ninja to make off through the trees. Finding that the Predacons now faced the Shinobi team, Judora summoned the Jaki, and when the Swordbots easily disposed of them, powered them up into the Black Jaki. Meanwhile, Tobio got hold of the Legendisc and provided the Swordbots with the power to combine, and though Judora powered the Jaki up a second time, they were defeated by the Autobots. GoHishou struck at the two remaining Predacons and a flash of light returned everyone to the present.

Gaidora and Judora were wondering how long Dragotron was going to remain asleep, until energy from their leader suddenly powered up Gaidora. The pair subsequently time traveled again, this time attempting to grab the Legendisc carried by Benkei Musashibō, only to find that Isami Tatewaki and the Swordbot Samurai Team had already beaten them there. Judora summoned the Jaki, and while they and Gaidora kept the Autobots busy, Judora used the opportunity to grab the Legendisc off Benkei. When Benkei made repeated attempts to retrieve the disk, Judora simply swatted him aside, however Isami succeeded in knocking the disc off his claw. Gaidora was defeated moments later, and the two Predacons returned to the present when the Autobots struck at them. The pair returned empty-handed to the cave under Mount Fuji, only for Dragotron to explosively appear before them.

The two Predacons located Isami and his Swordbot team shortly after the Autobots returned from the past having retrieved a second Legendisc. Dragotron soon joined them and the three Predacons attacked the Autobot team. Judora and Gaidora were knocked aside by Optimus Exprime as he arrived, and though Dragotron powered up the pair, causing them to grow in size, they only managed to hit each other while swiping at Optimus, then Optimus turned into a dragon and wiped the floor with them both. While Dragotron kept the Autobots busy, Judora grabbed Isami and the two Legendiscs he was carrying, and made off with him towards Mount Fuji. Later, during the battle between Dragotron and the Autobots at Mount Fuji, the Predacon summoned the Four Oni, and to their surprise absorbed them to add their power to his own. This still wasn't enough to prevent Dragotron's and the others eventual defeat and reimprisonment.


  • Judora's name is short for "Curse Dragon" (呪・ドラ ju - dora), as demonstrated in his function of "Curse Oni" (呪縛鬼 Jubakuki). Both words can also be translated as simply "Spell".
  • Judora speaks in feminine Japanese.
  • The toy's instructions give the alternate Romanization of "Jyudora".
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