Galvatron attempts to hunt down and destroy Ultra Magnus and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.


Galvatron and the Unicron-empowered Decepticons return to Cybertron, where Galvatron dispenses swift revenge upon Starscream as Starscream attempts to proclaim himself leader. As the other Decepticons see Starscream's ashen form crumble to the ground, they proclaim their loyalty to Galvatron.

Unicron devours one of Cybertron's moons, and earns Galvatron's wrath, having hoped that Cybertron and all of its moons would be given to him upon completion of the task Unicron had given him. But Unicron quickly makes clear that he has power to inflict great pain on Galvatron, even from a distance. Galvatron sets to his mission: find Ultra Magnus, the current keeper of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, and destroy them both.

Ultra Magnus and the Autobots, learning of the threat Unicron poses to Cybertron, leave Earth in a pair of shuttlecraft to attempt to help, but they are quickly intercepted by Galvatron and the Decepticons. Although they manage to escape, Kup, Hot Rod, and the Dinobots are separated from the others, and Ultra Magnus must sacrifice most of his ship to fool Galvatron into believing him destroyed.

Hot Rod, Kup and the Dinobots crash upon the surface of a strange alien world, where they are quickly captured by the Quintessons. After being thrown in a prison cell, they meet Kranix, the sole survivor of Lithone. He explains to the Autobots that the Quintessons serve to hunt down survivors of Unicron's attacks, and sentence them to death. After Kranix is executed, the Autobots are taken to face the Quintessons. Just as they are dropped into a pit of Sharkticons, Kup frees himself from his bonds, and frees his fellow Autobots, enabling them to fight back. They soon turn the tables on the Quintessons, who are last seen being chased away by their own Sharkticons. Wheelie, a refugee hiding from the Quintessons, offers the Autobots a ship that will enable them to get off the planet.

Unicron inches closer to Cybertron, devouring the second of its moons, taking Bumblebee and Spike along with it....

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons


  • When Unicron consumes the first moon, Jazz is colored like Cliffjumper and Cliffjumper is colored like Jazz.

Items of note


Grimlock jumps his cue.

  • Ultra Magnus identifies the Decepticons' weapons as "moleculon missiles". Somehow he manages to do this without laughing.
  • The Quintessons are explicitly tied to Unicron in the comic adaptation. This is never established in the movie.
  • While not in the original script nor the completed film, this adaptation had Grimlock captured and tried with Hot Rod and Kup by the Quintessons.
  • Completely out of the blue, Sludge of all 'bots gives one of the most hilariously purple speeches in the entire history of the franchise.
  • Despite missing in the last issue,Swoop is present with the other Dinobots in this one. Still no sign of Snarl, though.
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