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This article is about the Autobot Powermaster. For the Legends story, see Joyride (story).

Combining Repugnus's lust for violence with Swerve's driving ability, Joyride is not well liked among Autobot high command. Unlike the absent-minded metallurgist, Joyride just doesn't care enough to pay attention to his actions. His driving has proven hazardous to himself, his fellow Autobots, and even innocent humans at times. The fact that he seems to be a member of the Autobots simply for the thrill of it hasn't earned him many supporters, either.

French name (Canada): Voyageur


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events in italics occurred only in the Marvel UK books.

Look at me, Mr. Personality.

Joyride was part of Fortress Maximus's crew on board the Steelhaven. On a mission to revive the fallen Optimus Prime, he journeyed to Nebulos with several other Autobots. Totalled While there, they were forced to deal with not only a set of supercharged Decepticon bandits, but the planetwide poisoning of the fuel supply which put them at risk of terminal systems shutdown. In order to save themselves and properly reanimate Optimus Prime, Joyride and his fellows underwent the Powermaster Process to binary-bond with a group of Nebulan scientists, enabling them to properly intake fuel and considerably boosting their fighting ability. Joyride was binary-bonded to Hotwire, a former "chronic unlicensed private vehicle procurer", i.e. car-thief. The new Autobot Powermasters defeated the Decepticons and returned to Earth with their new partners. People Power

While pursuing the Decepticon known as Quake, Joyride inadvertently caused a human convertible to crash over a cliff, critically injuring the driver. He would've been dead for sure if not for Nebulan medical instruments Hi-Q was able to cobble together, but before the necessary power cell could be attached to the technology, it was stolen by Darkwing and Dreadwind. After the Aerialbots inadvertently caused Dreadwing to crash into the sea while trying to recover the cell, Joyride joined his fellow Powermasters on an undersea mission to retrieve the cell from the Decepticons. They were eventually successful, and the human presumably lived. Dreadwing Down!

When Lord Thunderwing infiltrated the Ark, Joyride was one of the first Autobots to confront the Decepticon and his Matrix-enhanced might. He was blasted back with little effort, but lived to tell the tale. All Fall Down He was not as fortunate, however, in battle with Unicron -- an assault on the Chaos-Bringer's caused some minor damage, but Unicron's retaliation sent Joyride and Waverider on their way to the scrapheap. On the Edge of Extinction!

Generation 2

Joyride miraculously returned to functionality just in time to be blown up again. Total War

Dreamwave Comics continuity

Joyride worked with a task force under Nightbeat and Getaway during the Age of Internment, in hopes of capturing and studying one of Megatron's cloned warriors, the Aerospace Extermination Squadron.

Note: Dreamwave shut down before the final result of their mission could be told.


Generation One

  • Joyride (Autobot Powermaster, 1988)
  • Accessories: Double-barreled rifle, "Hotwire" Powermaster engine
G1Joyride toy

If you had to go through your life with your legs locked together, you'd feel the need for speed too.

Joyride transforms into a teal and crimson Baja buggy. Joyride's white rifle plugs into a peg hole on the roof. As a Powermaster, one needs to plug his pack-in partner Hotwire (or any other Powermaster/Godmaster engine) into the panel bay at the front of the vehicle to unlock the transformation sequence to robot.
This toy was sold in Japan as the Transtector for Ranger.

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