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Joy Meadows is a human friend of the Dinobots from the Generation One continuity family.
Joy meadows

Out of my way jerkass!

Joy Meadows is a television journalist and a lady unlucky in love.


Marvel Comics UK continuity[]

Sludge, during the brief period he thought he was an actual dinosaur, got attached to Joy. She was surprised at seeing a giant robot dinosaur in a swamp and had her camera crew film Sludge while she fed him. The Decepticons then turned up, injuring her & her team and capturing Sludge. Dinobot Hunt! Sludge remained infatuated with his memories of her, dreaming of being with her again. Victory!


Thousands of Fangirls would disagree.

Later on, she saw the logical flaws in the "Robot Master's" claims of controlling the Transformers and announced on television that she was going to expose the truth. Both the Decepticons and Intelligence and Information Institute had a vested interest in preventing this and decided to off her. Sludge wanted to help her, and her lumbering Lancelot dragged the other Dinobots off (they had nothing better to do) to save her from an III hit team. Sadly, nothing could save her from the horror of a smitten saurian.

She was reasonably flummoxed by the idea of a big sauropod being infatuated with her, although Grimlock and Swoop enjoyed several wisecracking opportunities. She filmed an interview with them so she could expose the Robot Master hoax, but this went wrong when Megatron led the Decepticons in force after her. Despite a valiant attempt by the Dinobots and Centurion, Soundwave was able to force her at gunpoint to hand her footage over and cease her investigations. Despite mumblings at the time of not being intimidated, Joy never carried out a similar investigation. In the National Interest

Her career continued, and she ended up with her own television show, interviewing women professionals. (She learned through this series how to drive a tank.) This saw her team up with archaeologist Susan Hoffman and student Cindy Newell and try to stop the Combaticons from killing Ultra Magnus at Mount Verona. When the Throttlebots refused to help, the three women battled the Decepticons themselves and were able to incapacitate everyone but Onslaught. Thankfully, the Throttlebots were able to send Onslaught packing. When Goldbug attempted to say they did good for mere humans, Joy jumped the gun, thinking he was about to say "mere women". She was kinda pissy. Ladies' Night