Jose is a human from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Jose a savage place

Even humans are not immune from Furmanism.

Jose lives with his family in Los Gravos, Mexico. He drives a truck.


Marvel Comics continuity

While Carnivac was on the run from the Mayhem Attack Squad, he strayed into the Mexican town of Los Gravos where he surprised Spinister. As the renegade Decepticon prepared to take out his former comrade, Octopunch threatened Carnivac that if he didn't drop his weapons, he would kill some humans sheltering in a nearby building - Jose and his family. Carnivac complied, and Octopunch moved in to execute him. Survival Run

Unfortunately for Octopunch, Jose took Carnivac's sacrifice to heart, and sent the Pretender flying by ramming him with his truck. Jose's wife berated him for risking his life and Carnivac agreed with her, but Jose remained defiant that he had done the right thing.

When the other Mayhems showed up Jose advised Carnivac to run, but - inspired by Jose - Carnivac decided it was time to make a stand. He fared well against the Decepticons until Spinister fired at the humans and Carnivac had to dive in and take the shots. Jose's ultimate fate is unknown, but hopefully he and the wife escaped serious harm. A Savage Place!

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