No matter if he is the Decepticon Leader or the Master of Magnetism, he still is not the mama!

José Santacruz is a Brazilian voice actor and comedian.

Santacruz been in the business since the 80s, and literally played hundreds of characters on hundreds of cartoons. Some of this includes King Randor on Masters of the Universe (both the 80s and the 2002 incarnations), Tiamat on Dungeons & Dragons, Sargeant Cosgrove on Freakazoid! and the third voice of Dr. Hibbert on The Simpsons.

He is the official voice of Magneto in Brazil, since he played the character in about every media he appeared, including the 90s X-Men cartoon, X-Men Evolution and the movies.

He played Megatron in the G1 series, but after that, he only returned to the character on Transformers Armada, where he sounded totally bored with the plot (many don't blame him). He did a much better delivery of the villain on the 2007 movie, which probably means he liked it a lot better than Armada.

In live-action television, he played Andy Sipowicz on NYPD Blue and Earl Sinclair in Dinosaurs, a role for which he is fondly remembered by fans to this day. In movies, he currently plays Hagrid on the Harry Potter movies and did John Jonah Jameson on the Spider-Man trilogy. He has also dubbed Danny DeVito's roles many times.

His work as a comedian includes parts on the (awesomely classic) show "A Praça é Nossa" and the (awesomely bad) "Zorra Total".

Curiously, his delivery of Megatron is much more similar to Hugo Weaving's, since he uses a much more aggressive voice with the villain than Frank Welker originally did.

And he is known among his co-workers as "Santinha". God only knows why!


Transformers Armada

Transformers (2007)

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