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What a Delbo.

José Delbo is an Argentinian-born artist who worked in the American comics field for over 30 years. He joined the original Marvel Transformers comic series from 1988 as its penciller and continued through 1990.

The first issue he worked on was Marvel US issue #36. His work can be found in issues 36–42, 45–54, 56–60, 63, 64 and 67.

After working on Transformers, he reunited with Transformers scribe Simon Furman for the four-issue limited series Brute Force, also published by Marvel Comics.

Note: José Delbo is frequently credited as 'Jose Delbo' due to English speakers' difficulty with diacriticals.


Van Gogh-Bot.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina, was one of three Earth cities that the Underbase-enhanced super-Starscream chose to destroy at the climax of the Underbase Saga. This seemingly random choice (the other two cities, New York and Tokyo, are the two of the most populous on Earth, but Buenos Aires is far from #3) was actually a nod to José Delbo's birthplace.
  • Delbo was often very literal with his translations of the Transformers characters, occasionally copying their appearance and pose directly from their Transformers Universe profile art. Sometimes this backfired on him. In the original profile art, Starscream's right “ear” is blocked from view by his shoulder intake. Delbo consistently interpreted this as Starscream having only one “ear.”

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