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Jorge Figueroa is a human in the Movie continuity family.

English, dude. English. We have enough trouble understanding other people.

Jorge "Fig" Figueroa es un oficial técnico bajo el comando del capitán Guillermo Lennox en Qatar. He likes to speak in Spanish, and wants that you know that (alli)gators have the most succulent meat.

Note: In "Transformers: The Junior Novel", the character is called "John Figuerosa", that can be the name used initially during the early development of the character.


Transformers 2007 film

Actor: Amaury Nolasco

Run away!

On the day before Fig was scheduled to go home on leave from Qatar, the Chief Warrant Officer and the rest of the men under the command of Captain William Lennox were returning to U.S. SOCCENT Forward Operations Base on board two CV-22 Ospreys after a mission. Discussing what they wanted to do when they got home, Fig at first spoke in Spanish, then switched the English due to the amused complaints of the other soldiers. He cited that he was proud of his heritage and it was his right to speak his native language, then continued with his opinion that alligator meat was the most succulent there is. Sergeant Epps declared that he would never eat at Fig's house.

As night fell, the base was suddenly under siege by an unidentified MH-53 Pave Low that turned into some sort of walking battle platform. Sergeant Epps was almost crushed by the machine as he tried to escape. Epps recorded images of the attacker when Fig noticed it had activated some sort of weapon from its chest and quickly fired a round from his grenade launcher, damaging the 'weapon' under its armour and allowing himself, Lennox, Sergeant Donnelly, Epps, local boy Mahfouz and the remainder of the soldiers in their unit to escape as SOCCENT was destroyed.

Hey, you're not going to feel me up like you did Epps, right?

The next day, the survivors discussed the previous night's attack. Fig said that his mother had a gift of precognition, and it was passed to him. He had a feeling that it wasn't over. Later, as they reached the outskirts of Mahfouz's village, a billboard tower suddenly came crashing down. Donnelly turned to ask what the heck had happened, and Fig replied in Spanish, prompting Donnelly to tell him to speak in English.

Suddenly, they were under attack from a strange metal scorpion that came out of the sand, then dived under it again. As Fig and Donnelly searched for signs of the attacker, it suddenly came up behind Donelley and impaled him in the chest, killing him. The rest of the men ran for the relative cover of the village and set up a defensive perimeter as Lennox attempted to call for air cover from the Pentagon. Fig was providing suppression fire when one of the metal scorpion's missiles exploded behind the soldier, seriously injuring him.

After command was contacted and the scorpion repelled, Lennox and Epps went to check on their downed friend. Fig had a pulse and was carried off on a stretcher and evacuated by helicopter in the sunset. Later, Fig and the others were transported back to the United States with a C-17 transport plane. Upon touching down at Nellis airbase, he was taken away by paramedics. Transformers


Transformers (film)

  • Desert Attack (Screen Battles, 2007)
Japanese ID number: SB-03

Mini Fig

This pack features a Deluxe Scorponok repainted with 'sand' paint applications on his body and comes with non-posable figurines of Sergeant Epps, Jorge Figueroa and Donnelly. They are packaged in a special window box featuring a diorama depicting the battle at Mahfouz's village.


By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, I shall avenge you!

  • A later scene where Lennox comforts the dying Figueroa was cut from the theatrical release of the film, but briefly seen in the December 2006 trailer. The scene survived in both the novelization and the children's' novelization where (despite many changes made to tone down descriptions of violence against robots) he still died. Go fig!
    • Amaury Nolasco confirmed that Fig is not dead, and that he had been offered to participate in the sequel Revenge of the Fallen. But due to scheduling conflicts, he could not participate. However, the producer and director had left open the door for Fig to return in Transformers 3.[1]
  • In response to being asked to speak English in the helicopter scene at the beginning of the movie, his line in Spanish translates as "You're always annoying me with the same old shit."
  • When the phone tower falls down, his line in Spanish translates as "What the hell do you mean, what was that? That tower fell over and almost killed me! If that thing had come any closer, it would've broken my ass!"