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Jolt (aka Dead End) is a not on-screen Decepticon from the live-action movie continuity family.



Dead End drove away with Swindle, when Optimus Prime smashes him with his Prime Mover.


Brought to life by the creative energies of the Allspark, Jolt sought the guidance of Barricade in the fine art of being a Decepticon. Barricade proceeded to beat poor Jolt senseless, and that creep Frenzy slashed his tires. That was the only lesson he got... and he clearly got the message.


Transformers (2007)

Movie Jolt toy

Jolt; Decepticon wannabee.

  • Jolt (Deluxe, 2008)
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, flame missile, Planet X-type Cyber Planet Key
A Wal-Mart-exclusive redeco of Cybertron Crosswise, Jolt transforms into a Bugatti EB 15.4 Veyron sports car. The spoiler is a spring-loaded missile launcher that can fire a transluscent blue flame-shaped projectile. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key in his tailgate makes a pair of missile racks pop up from the engine bay and flip over onto his roof. He comes with a purple Planet X-type Cyber Planet Key.
Jolt's upper legs are switched in the package, but this is easily fixed by popping them off their respective balljoints and swapping them.
This mold was also used for Cybertron Smokescreen and was retooled into the BotCon 2008-exclusive Timelines Jazz and Ricochet.


  • Jolt has a regular Decepticon insignia on both his hood and Cyber Key rather than a movie-styled one.
  • Unlike the Autobot who happens to share the name, Jolt never appeared in the movie.

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