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Specifics: Shadow toy, fiction, show model's green "trim"
The name or term Jolt refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jolt (disambiguation).

Jolt is a Mini-Con in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Hero, avatar of Primus, key to the Giant Planet. Also a YouTube addict.

Jolt is the biggest geek you'll ever find. He spends hours surfing the Intarwebs soaking in Earth culture and catching up on all his favorite webcomics, making him a perfect companion to cinemaphile Bud Hansen, whom he calls "Bud-Dude." (He doesn't realize how extremely dorky that sounds.) Despite how awkwardly he sometimes applies this knowledge, Jolt does know amazing amounts of trivia about Earth. Before the Unicron Singularity's threat, however, Jolt claims to never have heard of the place, so how he arrived on the planet an expert is something to ponder.

Jolt possesses the ability to warp himself (and potentially beings very near him) from place to place by clasping his fingers together and spinning his rotors just so. He can't warp if his rotors are jammed or if he's in too small a space for them to have room to spin. This power comes in handy as he travels with Vector Prime, Safeguard, and the other two members of the Recon Mini-Con Team.

Japanese name: Hop
Hungarian name: Forgó ("Spinner"), Jolt (The Final Battle DVD)


Cybertron cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Brian Drummond (English), Houko Kuwashima (Japanese)

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  • Recon Mini-Con Team (Scout Class, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GC-07

The miracle acrylic bubble makes it possible.

Sold only in a three-pack with his Team-mates Six-Speed and Reverb, Jolt transforms into a helicopter of made-up model. The Hasbro and Takara versions are slightly different, the primary change being differing paint applications; Hasbro Jolt lacks the red paint on the feet, plus has a "window" on the back/underside of his bubble-dome. His conversion to vehicle mode and back is reminiscent of that of Renegade Gobot Cop-Tur.
This mold was also used to make Bit and Solar Flare.
  • Hop (Micron Galaxy, 2005)
Micron Galaxy ID number: 1
Part of the "Micron Galaxy" assortment of candy toys for Galaxy Force, this version of Jolt comes with a small plank of chewing gum. Though the mold is largely identical to the normal retail version, it is in fact an entirely new tooling, most notably not being gang-molded with his teammates; his body and feet are actually cast in red plastic rather than being green plastic almost wholly painted red.
  • Shadow Recon Mini-Con Team (Scout Class, 2006)

Jolt is the stealthy-looking one.

Part of the final wave of Cybertron Scouts, the Recon Team was entirely redecoed in clear-blue, clear-colorless, clear-black and opaque-black plastics, a "stealth" coloration.


  • Jolt's show model uses the Hasbro Cybertron version's coloration, with the dark gray feet, rather than the Galaxy Force red... slightly odd, since the show was made in Japan.
  • Speaking of odd and show models, the model replicates Jolt's paint applications precisely... down to the unpainted green plastic on the thin edges of his predominantly-red torso.
  • He is the only Mini-Con who can communicate with humans in English (or Japanese in case of Galaxy Force).

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