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Jolt is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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Windmills do not work that way!

Jolt is Hot Shot's Mini-Con partner. He's kind of a geek. Even so, the little guy is smart ,and is a valuable comrade in battle , and has had to bail Hot Shot out of trouble waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy too many times to bother counting.


Armada mini-comicsEdit


Animated continuityEdit



Apparently, he's supposed to be the seldom-heeded voice of reason among the two. Poor, poor guy.

Dreamwave comics continuityEdit

Instead of a nervous dork, Jolt is a hothead with a hair trigger.

Transformers Playstation 2 gameEdit

Jolt was one of many Mini-Cons who crashlanded on Earth when fleeing the war on Cybertron. He was trapped inside a Mini-Con-Disc and needed to be saved before the Decepticons could find him. Once awakened, he agreed to assist the Autobots in their battle against Megatron and became Hot Shot's Mini-Con partner. You can run him over, but that won't damage him, just like shots from trigger-happy Decepticons. Little Jolt does not talk, but if attached to Hot Shot, he increases his speed in exchange for Energon. If his special powers are not needed, he follows his counterpart by foot, defending and assisting him with shots of his lasergun.



  • Hot Shot w/ Jolt
Jolt transforms into a red helicopter of an unknown model. He plugs into Hot Shot's butt (ewww) to activate his head cannon gimmick and on his roof in car mode to activate his grabbing claw.
  • Powerlinx Hot Shot w/ Jolt
Jolt's and Hot Shot's color schemes were basically reversed with Jolt now in a yellow redeco.

Universe (2008)Edit

  • Hot Shot with Jolt (2008)

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.


A tiny mini-PVC figurine of Jolt came with the Mega SCF version of Hot Shot.

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