Joey Slick is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

Yes, he actually runs like this.

Joey Slick got lucky.

Portuguese name (Portugal comic): Joey Vilão


Marvel Comics continuity

Joey Slick was a criminal thug working for Jake Lomax, a crime lord. Oddly, he was generally well-liked in his neighborhood, where many of the residents regarded him as a "good boy." Joey didn't pay some of his collection money, and was chased down by Lomax's thugs, and was nearly killed.

By a stroke of luck, his hand happened to sweep up Megatron, lying in gun mode in a river, where the Decepticon had ended up after a gigantic fall after his encounter with the Dinobots and Ratchet. Confused, Joey attempted to shoot the thugs, to no avail.

The criminals taunted him, and jokingly told the gun, "Blast us!" Megatron, damaged heavily and only able to take commands, obeyed. Joey fled to his home in the ghetto. He was again pursued by Lomax's men. Joey ordered Megatron (in his gun mode) to fire on the water tower. The tower was blown away, easily crippling all of Lomax's men.

Joey then used Megatron to his advantage - he became a famous criminal, doing nothing other than telling his "magic gun" what to do and wiping out cops, tanks, bridges, cameras, and the like. He became known as the "Super Shooter".

Inside, however, Joey was bored of being rich and famous. He returned to his home in the ghetto, and found that all of his former friends and peers were either terrified or looking up to him. Feeling guilty, Joey went to Lomax's home to finish what was started.

Using Megatron to disable all of the hired goons easily, Joey found himself facing Lomax with Megatron in hand. Joey tossed the gun aside and decked Lomax once, hard. He then showered Lomax's limp form with cash, yelling that they were even.

The impact of Megatron's gun mode hitting the ground reconnected whatever it was that had broken in his great fall. Megatron stood, furious about being controlled like a mere automaton, and nearly killed Joey.

Joey stood resilient and yelled right back at Megatron. Megatron was surprised by this, having assumed all humans were pathetic by nature. He respected Joey's audacity and left him alone.

Joey was arrested moments later when he walked outside of Lomax's mansion grounds and was taken by policemen. When asked what was going on, Joey said that the weapon really wasn't his type after all. He has not appeared since. Shooting Star!

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