Jinbu (ジンブ) is the aerial combat specialist of the Swordbot Samurai Team. His relationship with Kenzan is complex; although the younger Swordbot is Jinbu's commander, the two are fierce, but respectful, rivals. Some of this competitiveness is the result of Jinbu overplaying his role as Kenzan's "big brother", sometimes coming off as too harsh while trying to bring out the best in him.

He can combine with Kenzan and Ganoh in various configurations. With Jinbu as the top, the combined form is GoJinbu (ゴウジンブ Gōjinbu). His Mini-Con partner is Jin.


Transformers Go!

The Swordbot Samurai Team were woken from their slumber by Isami Tatewaki when Budora and Gaidora tried to obtain the Legendisc he was protecting. Confronted by the Jaki which the two Predacons summoned, the team switched through their various combinations including GoJinbu, culminating in them using their GoKenzan form to finish off Goradora. On striking the two Predacons, the Autobots and Isami found themselves briefly transported back in time where they saw two armies carrying Legendiscs. On their return to present day, Kenzan invited Isami to help them fight the Decepticons, and they discovered that Isami's friend Tobio Fūma had also encountered the Swordbot Shinobi Team.

The Swordbots built an underground base beneath Isami's dojo, in which Optimus Prime briefed the team and their friend on what was known about the Legendiscs. When history began to change and buildings disappeared, Jinbu picked up Isami and rushed him to a location near Akihabara Station, where Isami's Legendisc transported the team back in time again. In the past they encountered Musashi Miyamoto whose Legendisc had been stolen by the Predacons, and the Swordbots helped him get it back by fighting the Jaki in their GoJinbu form. Isami and the Swordbots were returned to present day, though without the disc.

On another occasion Isami and the Autobot team went back in time and encountered Ryōma Sakamoto. On that occasion, they battled the Jaki in their GoGanoh form, however they again returned to the future emptyhanded. Isami was discouraged, but Kenzan gave him a pep talk to try and bolster his spirits. They again headed to the past, this time helping Benkei Musashibō fight off the Predacons in their GoKenzan form, and again returned to present day without the Legendisc.

On their next jaunt into the past, Isami managed to obtain the Legendisc, only to be confronted by Gaidora, Judora and the awakened Dragotron on their return to present day. Though they were no match for Dragotron, even in their GoKenzan form, the team was soon joined by Optimus Exprime. The Predacons abducted Isami, and the Samurai Team merged into GoJinbu to give chase. They arrived at Mount Fuji to find the Shinobi Team was also there as Tobio had also been kidnapped. Imbued with the power of all five Legendiscs, Dragotron proved impossible to beat, however Tobio and Isami managed to demerge from him. The two boys had duplicated the power of the Legendiscs, and used it to allow Optimus and the two teams to merge into DaiKenzan. This provided them with enough power to defeat Dragotron and seal the Predacons away once more.


  • The jin in the name "Jinbu" is probably derived from 迅, a character meaning "swift". Bu may come from 武, meaning "military" or "bravery".
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