Prime-toy Jida

Jida (ジダ) is Terrorcon Cliffjumper's Arms Micron. How a Mini-Con can work with an undead Autobot, we're not quite sure.



  • Terrorcon Cliffjumper (Deluxe, 2012-04-28)
    • Set ID number: AM-08
    • Micron ID number: M-08
    • Energon Crystal: HP Power
Available only with AM-08 Terrorcon Cliffjumper, Jida transforms from a robot cheetah into a dual-chainsaw weapon dubbed the "Big Saw". He also has a flattened-out "Defense Shield" mode. He has numerous 5mm posts and holes that allow him to combine with other Arms Microns to form any number of "Combo Weapons" and "Super Combo Weapons".
Jida comes out of the package as a bunch of unpainted parts on runners (like a model kit), and a sticker sheet is included for detailing, including a really tiny sticker for his eye.
This mold was also used to make Timelines Catgut.
  • Jida R (AMW Micron, 2012-07-28)
    • ID number: AMW-06
    • Energon Crystal: HP Power
A red redeco of Jida was available as part of the AMW series, individually-bagged kits still on their runners.

  • Hellflame Jida (Promotional Micron, 2012-07-28)
    • Energon Crystal: HP Gōsei
Prime-toy JidaHellflame
A clear-red version of Jida was given away as a campaign bonus with the purchase of 3000 yen's worth of Transformers at Joshin and Bic Camera stores on July 28 of 2012. This version is almost completely devoid of stickers, having only the small insignia sticker that goes under his Energon Crystal.
Due to the transparent plastic, extreme care should be taken when putting him together, particularly the pins in his rear legs. They're a rather tight fit and might require a little shaving down.


  • Jida's name derives from the Japanese rendition of "cheetah" (チーター chītā).
  • Jida is the first pack-in Arms Micron to not be based on their in-show partner's weapon.

Jida Combinations

Named combination weapons including Jida:

Arms Up Modes featuring Jida
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