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Dark of the Moon


Optimus now has a new Jet pack that also forms his trailer and weapons base. He uses it in Chicago to free Sam and Epps' crew from Driller. He flies strait through the beast cutting it in half, killing the Driller. Enraged, Shockwave opens fire he hits one of Prime's engines sending him crashing through a building that's under construction and gets caught in wires.

Later, after the Wreckers free him, Optimus swoops down onto the main road of Chicago and ploughs through the Decepticons, shedding the wings and armor as he goes. He then proceeds to Shockwave.


  • Jetwing Optimus Prime (MechTech Supreme, Australia: June 11, Japan: June 18-19 2011)
  • Jetwing Optimus Prime Black Version (MechTech Supreme, 2011)
  • Ultimate Optimus Prime (MechTech Ultimate, 2011)

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  • It is unknown if Optimus Prime's new gear are reformatted or developed from Jetfire's corpse.
    • It is possible that it was simply inspired by Optimus's use of Jetfire's parts as the parts are seen to suffer extreme damage in the fight with the Fallen.

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