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The name or term Jetstorm refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jetstorm (disambiguation).

Jetstorm is the twin brother of Jetfire. He and his twin were chosen by the Elite Guard to become Cybertron's first flying Autobots. They are currently the youngest Elite Guard officers in history, having gone through Autobot boot camp in record time. He can merge with his brother to form the powerful combiner Safeguard.

Jetstorm never stops fighting with his brother, but the two obviously care about each other. They have nearly identical personalities and looks, but they constantly insult each other's abilities, appearance and attitude. Because of their identical personalities (and perhaps some twin telepathy) they often know what the other is thinking and have an odd tendency to finish each other's sentences and say the same thing at once. And when talking to each other, they call the other 'brother' instead of their name.

"Are you thinking what I am thinking, brother?"

―Jetfire and Jetstorm demonstrate their twin telepathy powers.


Transformers Animated comic

The 'bot who would become Jetstorm and his brother, who would become Jetfire, were twins split from the same protoform according to Perceptor. They were working the slow shift as lowly Energon refiners, but they were always bickering and arguing during work, and one day a fight broke out and an accident occurred, resulting in a huge explosion that offlined them both.

The Elite Guard, who were looking for expendable 'bots to turn into the first flying Autobots, took their lifeless bodies and adapted them for flying alt modes, while at the same time using Starscream's programming to give them the ability to fly. Despite concerns about creating psychopathic killers, the only side-effects seemed to be that they became even cockier and wilder than ever.

A deca-cycle of programming and building later, the brothers walked in front of Ultra Magnus. The first thing they did was start insulting each other on their new appearances, resulting in another tussle breaking out right there. Sentinel Prime and Jazz both expressed doubts about their suitability as Elite Guard material, and were given the task of giving them special Elite Guard Training. Jazz pointed out that with they had nowhere to go but up with these two.

Sentinel was first up, and after noting that their alt modes were exactly the same, gave them their names - Jetfire and Jetstorm. When he told them to "Transform and Roll Out", both brothers commented that being jets, they had no wheels and could not do so. So Sentinel ordered them to "Transform and Fly Out". They promptly obeyed and flew out, instantly getting into ANOTHER argument about their new flying skills. Unfortunately, since they were flying, sentry towers identified them as Decepticons. But all this did was show that the defense cannons could use a serious upgrade, and get Ultra Magnus to limit them to simulated combat.

After training with Sentinel, the twins went to train with Jazz in the art of Circuitsu. They soon found themselves incapable of understanding a word he said. Upon his orders to show him their 'moves', he easily knocked them down. But when they suddenly started working together, they successfully and rapidly took him down.

Boot? You'd think with how they worship Sentinel it'd be SPOON!

As the twins were easily beating every combat simulation the Elite Guard had, they began to get cocky. So Perceptor decided to create a new simulation with Decepticons in it. Using more of Starscream's code, another combat simulation with Starscream himself in it was made. While at first they did well, things took a sharp downward turn when the simulation of Starscream was introduced. Simulated Starscream started beating the living daylights out of them, using genuine Starscream sadism and cruelty to taunt and damage them. When the Elite Guard tried to shut it down, they found it impossible. Jetstorm found himself thrown across the simulated battleground and temporarily lost consciousness.

Furious at Simulated Starscream for what he'd done to his brother, Jetfire started using his newly discovered flamethrowers to set them both on fire - but he couldn't control the new ability. It started to manifest itself in his real body too, threatening to send the entire real building up in flames.

As Jetstorm recovered a little, he saw his brother unable to control himself. Desperate to save his brother from his new abilities, he found a new ability of his own - wind/ice turbines that had enough strength to blow out Jetfire's flames, also cooling his real body back down.

The Flash meets Quicksilver.

Even as the two brothers thanked and congratulated each other though, the Sim Starscream returned, ready to kill. But then the twins discovered their true power - they could together combine into Safeguard, a single, more powerful form, and beat Starscream back using a more controlled blast combining their powers. When they were separated by Sim Starscream in jet mode, they combined again to make a larger, more powerful jet, and pretty much defeated Sim Starscream.

When they were finally brought back down from the program, they were told they had passed their training, and were now Elite Guard Junior Officers. Their first mission was to track Waspinator with Sentinel and Jazz, in hopes of finding Decepticon ringleaders. The Arrival issue 6

Transformers Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Phil LaMarr (English), Wataru Takagi (Japanese)

Jetstorm and his twin arrived on Earth with Sentinel and Jazz to locate Wasp. Optimus Prime and Ratchet understandably mistook them for Decepticons and followed them to attack. Meanwhile, the twins had found 'Wasp' trying to wash his paint off. After hearing him exclaim innocently that he had no idea who the two were, the twins replied that it was okay, they knew who he was. Jetstorm then showed off some of his impressive wind powers, and Jetfire was about to douse the 'traitor' with fire when Ratchet shot him in the back. Distracted, 'Wasp' let down his guard and was thrown by Jetstorm's wind into the distance.

Jetstorm went to aide his brother, urging them to tag-team, but was hit in the back by Optimus's axe. Getting the message that the other two were not there to help, the twins launched an attack of their own. The two soon proved to be too fast and acrobatic for the other bots to catch. They merged into Safeguard, and easily took down Ratchet, and got in a wrestling match with Optimus. They were all saved further fighting by the arrival of Sentinel and Jazz, who explained about the twins', and that they were Autobots. Sentinel then ordered the two to go and find Wasp, and they promptly flew off.

Too slow, Optimus.

Upon finding the cycle-motor and the bulbous green one conversing with the 'traitor', the twins declared they had been 'cross-doubled'. Jetstorm created a tornado that sent 'Wasp' spinning up off the ground, and all the while, 'Wasp' yelled that he wasn't who they thought he was. Jetstorm dropped him back to the ground, stasis cuffed him, and retorted that he was a two-timer and there wasn't much to know.

After reporting back to Sentinel Prime of the new double agents, Jetstorm returned to his efforts of catching the other two. He released another powerful blast of wind that even Bulkhead had trouble walking into. When Bulkhead launched his wrecking ball, it landed harmlessly in between Jetstorm's legs, but he pulled it away and sent the blue Autobot sprawling onto his back. It was soon revealed that the Wasp they had might not be the real one.

Back at the plant, it was decided how they could be certain who was Bumblebee and who was Wasp. Both twins seemed excited by the idea of playing video games, and both called to play the winner. It turned out that no one won, so both twins were disappointed. Then again, maybe they played afterwards. Where Is Thy Sting?


Transformers Animated

Fire and Ice ARE real nice!

  • Jetfire and Jetstorm (Deluxe 2 Pack, 2008)
Jetstorm is packaged with his twin, Jetfire, who is basically a retool of him in orange. He turns into an blue homage-to-nothing jet fighter. His main gimmick is combining with his twin to form Safeguard or a strange superjet. Both also have transparent flames or ice on their legs which are on hinges.
Due to the extra degree of manipulation needed for transformation into their combiner mode, both Jetfire and Jetstorm are very well articulated . But the little things on their hips have a tendency to pop off a lot, and they're a nightmare to put back in.


He Controls Ice! He Controls Wind! But WAIT, There's more! Order now and get his twin, ABSOLUTELY FREE!
(Swindle? What are you doing here?)

  • Despite mulitple sources stating these two are the only Autobots who can fly, it seems they are conveniently forgetting about Omega Supreme, Prowl (though only for limited jumps), Bumblebee (Animated) (the same with his rockets) and Swoop (who, also despite being a Dinobot is still an Autobot who can fly). They could, of course be referring to "standard" Autobots being able to fly; Omega Supreme was specifically given a spaceship for his altmode and Swoop was given life through unconventional means. They could also be referring to the G1 convention that the Decepticons can fly under their own power in humanoid mode, which the twins can do.
  • Jetfire and Jetstorm are currently the only Autobots (Longarm being a Decepticon in truth) in the toyline that do not possess an Earth version of their alt modes. Too bad their Cybertronian alt modes aren't more interesting.
  • It's a common thought that in the episode "Five Servos of Doom" that Jetstorm says he has 'fanbots back home' when he's actually saying 'Femmebots' with a heavy Russian accent.
  • Both of the twins speak in Russian accents.
  • It is interesting to note that the twins' transformations are astoundingly like transmetal Cheetor's. The front section splits into the arms, a chest panel folds down, the back moves into spinal armor, and the rear section that looks like legs becomes the legs.
  • While the toy and the comics show he controls ice, he is shown controlling wind in the cartoon instead. MAKE UP YOUR FRAGGING MINDS!!!

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