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Jetstorm is a Decepticon from the live-action movie continuity family.
Movie jetstorm

I just want to tell you both good luck. We're all counting on you.

Very few Autobots want to go up against Jetstorm at close range. While there are certainly stronger and more heavily-armed Decepticons out there, none of them fight as dirty as Jetstorm. He aims for particularly weak and painful joints, knows the full list of low blows and cheap shots, and generally does anything possible to win. Precious few make it out of a scrap with him without extensive damage.


IDW Transformers live-action film series comicsEdit

Jetstorm was one of the reinforcements sent to Earth by Soundwave, making his landing in the Middle East. He scanned his alternate mode at a nearby US air base before destroying it. Transformers: Alliance #3 Jetstorm was eventually hunted down by the Autobots and their human allies. During the subsequent battle, he was destroyed by Optimus Prime, but had managed to kill many soldiers, including Salani. Transformers: Alliance #4


Transformers (2007)Edit

  • Jetstorm (Ultra Class, 2007)
    • Accessories: 2 missile launchers, 2 missiles, Cyber Planet Key
A Toys "R" Us exclusive redeco of Cybertron Jetfire, Jetstorm transforms into a white and gray cargo plane resembling a modified Antonov An-225. Jetstorm features sound effects activated by pressing either of the side aft engine nacelles. Inserting his Cyber Planet Key (a clear-purple Planet X-style key with unpainted border) into his tail assembly in either vehicle or robot mode causes a pair of translucent red cannons to extend and the compartment they are mounted on to raise. Pressing the engines now activates a different sound effect. The tail section can be swiveled up to form an attack mode somewhat resembling the "gerwalk" form of a Macross Valkyrie and he looks kinda like someone else we all know.
In humanoid mode, Jetstorm has a tendency to topple back due to the heavy, battery-operated gimmicks of the tail section, though he is more stable if one puts him in an action-oriented pose. In this mode, he features two pop-out (non-firing) missile pods in his waist and wields two spring-loaded missile launchers (mounted under his wings in vehicle mode).


  • According to Hasbro the figure is loosely inspired by the C-17 Globemaster that appears in the Blackout (Movie) Scorponok battle scene at the beginning of the live-action movie (In the Middle East-which is in line with the comics).

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