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The name or term Jetstorm refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jetstorm (disambiguation).

Jetstorm is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 section of Generation One continuity family.

Only tolerated because he's useful, Jetstorm is unloved by all. As mission coordinator, it's his job to tell people what to do and he relishes in the task. Bossy and domineering, Jetstorm loves commanding others through the marching orders he gives out. He's a bully, but he's an effective bully, with a keen eye for properly assigning resources. The Decepticons keep him around because of his skill, and because few are brave enough to cross him. If another Decepticon tries to countermand his directives, that lippy soldier may soon find himself relocated to a detachment in the Toxic Sludge Swamp or the planet Goo.

Revenge is a dish best served on little slips of paper.


Generation 2

  • Jetstorm (Color-Changer, 1993)
A redeco of the European Autobot Aquaspeeder Aquafend, Jetstorm transforms into a Baja-style dune buggy. He has a water-squirting rifle connected to a bellows/reservoir backpack; the rifle forms his front bumper in buggy mode while the backpack forms his spoiler. His canopy uses color-changing paint, turning from dark blue to pale when exposed to warm water.

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