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The name or term Jetstorm refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jetstorm (disambiguation).

Jetstorm is another in a line of disgusting insect Predacons. Regurgitated toxins spew forth from his mouth at any enemy in his way. Air-to-air missiles give him supreme sky superiority. The appearance of Jetstorm's dragonfly mode captivates the enemy's attention, distracting them long enough for him to show off his powers of destruction.

In other words, he's butt-ugly, but functionally butt-ugly.

Spanish name: Alguacil
French name (Canada): L'Orrageux
Italian name: Libellula


IDW Beast Wars comics

Magmatron traveled to prehistoric Earth to turn the Axalon's protoforms into a new Predacon army. Transquito witnessed the Jetstorm's successful conversion. Magmatron ordered Jetstorm and the rest of his new forces to seek out the double-agent Razorbeast and his crew of Maximals. Later, under the leadership of the reactivated Ravage, Jetstorm joined the other flyers, Lazorbeak, Sky Shadow, Injector, and Buzz Saw, in hunting down the Maximals. Within a few days, the Predacons had located the Maximal headquarters, and Ravage ordered an attack. The Maximals won that fight, forcing the surviving Predacons to retreat into the wilderness. The Gathering

He too, favors direct action! The Ascending


Beast Wars

  • Jetstorm (Deluxe, 1997)
Jetstorm transforms into a dragonfly.
At the time this figure was released, the gimmick was that each figure in this class had either a spinning weapon (eg Rhinox, Dinobot), a water squirting weapon (eg Cheetor) or a firing weapon (eg Waspinator, Tarantulas) but Jetstorm is unique, having both a water squirting feature and firing missiles.
This toy was redecoed into Tonbot.

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