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Jetfire is an Autobot from Prime continuity family.


Jetfire is an Autobot scientist, who believes that technology is the way forward.



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War for Cybertron

Jetfire tries to convince Megatron to not use the dark energon stating "I have seen the horrors of what Dark Energon can do, Megatron. It is not to be trifled with!" Although begging for Megatron to stop, Megatron continues on, capturing the Dark Energon and eventually corrupting the core of Cybertron.

While Optimus and his troops battle there way to the decagon to reactivate the cities defenses, Jetfire commands the Autobot Aerial Forces.

Jetfire goes with Silverbolt and Air Raid to destroy the Decepticon orbital gun that was destroying the Autobots escaping Cybertron.

Fall of Cybertron

Jetfire makes a return in "War For Cybertrons sequel, Fall of Cybertron. However, Jetfire's role is significantly downplayed. He makes a very brief appearance in level two, where he has a quick discussion with Optimus Prime. From there on, he doesn't appear again until the very last level, where he finally makes his grand re-appearance (the player even gets to play as him). Here, Jetfire's task is to fire his guns at the three different large black cables that are connected The Ark to the Decepticon's attacking ship in order to find a weak point in each cable; when he does, he fires at it, helping cut off the link between the two ships. Soonafter, when Jazz opens attack on Bruticus, Jetfire assists him by planting EMP bombs on the battleground for Jazz to lure the enormous Decepticon into. He also communicates with Jazz over comm link, telling him the best ways to attack his enemy.

It should also be noted that, while playing as Jazz as he drives towards Bruticus just before their fight, you can briefly encounter Jetfire. Once you drive your car at about the halfway point, if you look and listen closely, you can see Jetfire helping out a wounded soldier, giving the injured Autobot hope that he will get through the pain. It is presumed that, between then and the time Jazz began fighting Bruticus, Jetfire left the soldier behind for some reason and continued doing ariel work when Jazz called for help.


  • Like his Generation One counterpart, Jetfire is one of Starscream's comrades at the beginning of the game. This changes when Starscream joins the Decepticons. Jetfire, upon hearing this, called Starscream a traitor and left to alert Sentinel Zeta Prime of Starscream's defection.

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