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* His father was a wheel. The ''first'' wheel. And he transformed into nothing with dignity. This is an indication that perhaps Jetfire is not all there anymore.
* His father was a wheel. The ''first'' wheel. And he transformed into nothing with dignity. This is an indication that perhaps Jetfire is not all there anymore.
*This theory could also refer to [[Scrounge (G1)|another first wheel bot]]
* ''He did not age well.''
* ''He did not age well.''

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The name or term Jetfire refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jetfire (disambiguation).

Jetfire is an Autobot and a former Decepticon Seeker in the Movie continuity family.

"Cause you're old!"

Back in his glory days, Jetfire was a skilled Decepticon soldier. He was one of the best of the best. But he then learned that all the Decepticons really wanted was to control the universe so he joined the Autobots. He eventually became tired of the Autobot and Decepticon war, and fled to the planet Earth, where he would watch over the humans and study their progression for many, many years. Despite being old, Jetfire is still a formidable fighter, shown when he single-handedly destroys Mixmaster and kills Scorponok even after being mortally wounded.

"Do you have any idea how it is to slowly fall apart and die!"
―Jetfire being old.


Revenge of the Fallen film

Voice actor: Mark Ryan (English)

Grrr, stupid kids on me lawn.

Jetfire is a Seeker, the Fallen sent to find the Solar Harvester and the Matrix on Earth. He is very old and does not work very well, unlike those old bots. At some point on Earth, he took on the form of an SR-71 Blackbird spy plane and entered stasis lock, ending up in the National Air and Space Museum.

After finding out where he was located from Wheelie, Sam Witwicky, Mikaela Banes, Leo Spitz and Seymour Simmons traveled to the museum to find him. From what Wheelie said, he was likely a major Seeker at least if not the leader. The shard of the All Spark possessed by Sam Witwicky brought him out of stasis lock and the humans were afraid of him as they learned he is a Decepticon from the symbol on his alt mode.

Jetfire didn't find them worth his time and tried to blast his way out of the hangar, but failed due to his malfunctioning weapon, so he just bashed his way out. The humans and Wheelie followed him out and learned of his defection. After learning of what he did, Wheelie officially defected to the Autobots side after humping Mikaela for a few minutes. After Sam explained about the symbols he kept seeing and drawing on the ground and mentioned the Fallen, Jetfire remembered his mission and used a space bridge to teleport the group along with Bumblebee, Wheelie, Skids and Mudflap to Egypt. There he explained the story of the Fallen to the group and gave them the clue he deciphered before he passed his mission off to them. Jetfire then stayed behind in the spot where the space bridge transported them.


"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy, come on, little Squishy. OW! Bad Squishy! Bad Squishy!

During the battle near the Great Pyramids of Giza, Jetfire arrives to help the Autobots and incapacitated Mixmaster. Jetfire kicked his "arse" and totally ripped him in half and bashed his head in, showing the humans around him "how we brought the pain in my days." Scorponok attacked suddenly and the two fought it out, resulting in Jetfire being drilled in his belly and mortally wounded before he managed to toss Scorponok to the ground and crush the Decepticon's head with his fist, killing him. This leads Jetfire to complain that he was "too old for this crap..." After Optimus Prime's revival and the Fallen taking the Matrix, Jetfire approached Optimus Prime and told him to take his parts to fight the Fallen before ripping out his own spark, killing himself. After Jetfire's death, Ratchet orders Jolt to fuse Jetfire's parts with Optimus to fight the Fallen. Although Optimus Prime lost an engine in the fight, the parts gave Optimus the boost he needed and he killed the Fallen with ease. After the fight, Optimus discarded Jetfire's parts and it's unknown what happened to them after that. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Revenge of the Fallen novel

After explaining of the story of the Primes and the Fallen, Jetfire is approached by another Seeker who is a biplane (the nameless Seeker may be Ransack) who located him via the space bridge opened by him. The Seeker started yelling and screaming at Jetfire and Wheelie, calling them traitors. The Seeker launches a pathetic attack against him to which he responds by crushing him with his foot. He then comments that he never liked that Seeker anyway.


Revenge of the Fallen

  • Jetfire (Leader, 2009)

Evidence that Decepticon heritage remains? He has a cape. Evidence that he's full of himself? "JTFR."

Jetfire transforms into a SR-71 Blackbird. His jet mode is so huge, he makes the first movie's Autobot Leader Optimus Prime look like a Legends figure next to a voyager class figure (in other words, he's twice Leader Prime's size). His humanoid mode features a cane made from his jet landing-gear, and he's armed with a missile-launching mini-gun. As stated in every bit of information regarding the new film, Jetfire does indeed combine with Optimus. He can say "Jetfire's my name." in a bad Scottish accent that sounds nothing like his movie voice by pressing the gimmick button. He also features flashing lights, transformation sounds, and a very quick jet fly-by noise. Like many plane-themed TransFormers, he is a sleek jet with an obscene amount of undercarriage junk made up of all his robot parts. Easily falls back if you pose him wrongly, also, parts like to pop off of him during transformation. Guess the toy is movie accurate after all...
  • Jetfire (Legends, 2009)

Sit down or I'll hit you with my molded in cane!

A much smaller and simple version of his Leader incarnation, Jetfire has none of the larger toy's features, but, his cane is molded onto his left hand. He can also combine with the Legends Prime by tabbing a tab on the top of his jet mode into the back of Prime's neck, then you can just arrange the limbs any way that looks best. He also has duck feet.
This is the only version of Jetfire who has a Decepticon labelled packaging and a Decepticon symbol printed on him, Whereas all other versions have Autobot labels. This toy has second variation with other not so show-accurate helmet.

  • Photon Missile Jetfire (Fast Action Battler, 2009)
    • Accessories: "Photon Missile" projectile

NOBODY MOVE...I dropped me cane...

Fast Action Battler Jetfire is a simplified, roughly Deluxe-sized toy of Jetfire. In vehicle mode, he transforms into a sort of cute, super-deformed SR-71 Blackbird jet. As with most Transformers toy jets, he has a fair bit of undercarriage junk from his robot mode, though not to the extent of the Leader class toy. In robot mode he has a reasonably accurate depiction of Jetfire's design, though his right arm ends in a spring-loaded projectile launcher shaped like a rotary cannon.


  • Jetfire's humanoid mode has several features that emphasize his age; hunched stature, landing gear/walking stick, and the extensions on his head and face vaguely resemble the unkempt hair and mustache that are typically associated with the (for lack of a less offensive term) "old-timer" stereotype. To go even further with the old-timer stereotype, Jetfire has a hybrid English/Scottish accent, with an appropriately Trans-Atlantic vocabulary of invective.
  • The parachute that flew out of his rear end was supposed to be the equivalent of farting. Hilarious...
  • He can open a space bridge. In other words, he can teleport. This is awesome. At least until you get tossed around and have your hand cut open as a result or get several dents into your chassis, then it's not so awesome anymore.
  • Though barely seen in the film, Jetfire dives into the fray during the final battle in Egypt in his vehicle mode, leaving behind a massive trail of black smoke. However, Optimus has the smoke trail when he takes off too, so this may be due to his old parts.
  • After killing The Fallen, Optimus Prime discards Jetfire's parts and walks away.
    • Optimus keeps his parts in the game.
    • Well, Prime did have one of Jetfire's engines ripped off him by The Fallen. Maybe he just wanted to avoid making another appointment with the chiropractor.
  • Apparently in his day killing enemies involved a lot of pain given his comment about "this is how we brought the pain in my day" before he killed Mixmaster and his method of killing Scorponok.
  • In the junior novelization of the film, Jetfire does not die, instead falling into a deep sleep, upon which his parts are transferred to Optimus. However, he does not wake up aftewards, leading readers to assume that he's stuck in a coma.
  • His toy makes his beard look like Needlenose's visor
  • He is one of two Transformers seen so far to speak English in his alt-mode, as he briefly yells "Incoming!" while still in his jet form before he transformed and landed. The other is Skids as an ice cream truck half.
  • His father was a wheel. The first wheel. And he transformed into nothing with dignity. This is an indication that perhaps Jetfire is not all there anymore.
  • He did not age well.
  • In the film, he identifies himself as a mercenary, saying that he's a "mercenary doom-bringer". This indicates that while he did switch sides, he only really works for himself in the war although he has no trouble committing himself to Sam's cause, even coming to his aid when he's cornered by Mixmaster.
  • He thinks "Earth" is a terrible name for a planet, and that it might as well be called "Planet Dirt"... actually he does have a point there.
  • He states roughly that his parts are falling off (effectively his arse falls off at that moment).
  • His War for Cybertron counterpart doesn't look old.

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