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{{disambig1|This article is about [[Optimus Prime (Armada)|Optimus Prime]]'s upgraded form in [[Armada (franchise)|Transformers Armada]], for the combined form in the [[Revenge of the Fallen (franchise)|Revenge of the Fallen]] franchise, see [[Jetpower Optimus Prime]], for the combined form in the [[Dark of the Moon (franchise)|Dark of the Moon]], see [[Jetwing Optimus Prime]]. For other meanings of the name, see [[Optimus (disambiguation)]].}}
:''Jet Opitmus is an [[Autobot]] from [[Armada (franchise)|Armada]] portion of [[Unicron Trilogy]] continuity.
:''Jet Opitmus is an [[Autobot]] from [[Armada (franchise)|Armada]] portion of [[Unicron Trilogy]] continuity.
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[[Category:Armada characters]]
[[Category:Armada characters]]
[[Category:Combined forms]]
[[Category:Combined forms]]
[[File:Optimus Prime- Jet Convoy-0|thumb|left|300 px|Jet Convoy]]

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Jet Opitmus is an Autobot from Armada portion of Unicron Trilogy continuity.

Jet Optimus

Jet Optimus is the combination of Optimus Prime and Jetfire.

Japanese name: Jet Convoy
Japanese name (with Overload): Magna Jet Convoy


Transformers: Armada comicEdit

Transformers: Armada animeEdit

He puts a serious hurting on the Decepticons in this episode before uncoupling back into Jetfire and Optimus.

Apparently, they used to powerlink frequently back on Cybertron — although nobody on the Earth team seems to recall this ability.

Still, it was a pretty impressive debut for the new, character.


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File:Optimus Prime- Jet Convoy-0
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