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This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Jesus is the last resort of the desperate in the live-action Movie continuity.

Jesus is presumably a human, but the only fact known about this person is that he would have given Sam Witwicky a dishonestly inflated grade to trick Sam's father into buying Sam a car.


Transformers (film)

Sam Witwicky's dad had promised him that if he kept his grades up, he would give him a car at the end of the school year. But on the verge of summer, Sam's grades were perilously low, and his only chance lay in a final presentation. This went disastrously, and the teacher was prepared to grade him harshly, but Sam explained his situation and begged for leniency. The teacher appeared unconvinced until Sam's final plea: "What would Jesus do?"

Sam was soon seen jubilantly headed for a car dealership with his father. Transformers


  • Another persistent fan-rumor is that Jesus once died and came back to life. Given this (and the fact that he has only been referred to in dialogue, never established in person), he may simply be a metaphor for Optimus Prime.