Jessica Morgan

Jessica Morgan is a human in the cartoon portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.

Jessica Morgan is a scientist in the far flung future of 2007. While Earth still suffers the threats of the war between the Transformers, Jessica is well aware of the difference between the Autobots and the Decepticons.

The men in her life don't have a clue about the difference. They also tend to be jerks.


Generation 1 cartoon

While testing the new heat resistant metal she and her colleague/boyfriend Gregory Swofford had developed, their ship came across the ship that was carrying the lifeless body of Optimus Prime. Gregory was willing to leave it to be destroyed in the impending supernova, as he had been scarred during a fight between Prime and Megatron. Jessica, however, decided to retrieve it, and convinced Gregory to do the same. After loading the body, the sun went nova. The metal on their ship succeeded in protecting it from the heat and radiation, but it coated the ship with a strange spore. Returning to Earth, Jessica and Gregory met with Jessica's father, Mark, who had helped them develop the metal, discovering that the spore that coated the ship induced rage. However, the Terrorcons attacked, trying to retrieve the metal for Galvatron. The Technobots arrived to stop them, and Jessica was injured in the battle, paralyzing her. Enraged, Mark and Gregory decided to play god and bring Optimus Prime back to life in an attempt to infect the Transformers with the spores. First Aid developed an exosuit to help Jessica walk, but Mark and Gregory forced her to lead the Autobots into a trap. Jessica warned Rodimus Prime and Ultra Magnus of the trap, but the Autobot commander ran headlong into it. Unfortunately, the plan worked, and Transformers were infected with the Hate were others all over the world. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

After Optimus Prime was revived by a Quintesson, the Autobot leader found himself at a loss without the Matrix of Leadership. Jessica recommended that he coat himself with the heat resistant metal she and Swofford developed, as it would allow him to remove the Matrix from the infected Rodimus without being infected himself. Though she was asked to remain in Autobot City, Jessica convinced the Autobots to take her with them to Chaar to retrieve the metal with Galvatron's help. One by one, they were whittled down until all that remained were Prime, Jessica, Galvatron, and Sky Lynx. Upon seeing the metal, Jessica declared that there was enough to coat Optimus with it...which Galvatron heard. Jessica jumped in Galvatron's line of fire, distracting the Decepticon leader enough for Prime and Sky Lynx to disarm him. Unfortunately, Cyclonus arrived and infected both Galvatron and Jessica. However, Jessica's idea worked: with the heat resistant metal, Optimus Prime recovered the Matrix and used it to cure the universe. Upon regaining her senses, Jessica was present for the apology that her father and Gregory gave to Optimus Prime. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2

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