Jesse is a human in the Generation 1 continuity family.

Jesse (also 'Jessie') is Buster Witwicky's girlfriend. She likes to apologize.


Marvel Comics continuity

Jesse and Buster were making out in his car (while their friend "O" watched) when it was rear-ended by Bumblebee. During the following Decepticon attack, Buster told Jesse and "O" to find help, while he drove away in the Bug. The next time Jesse saw Buster, he was caught up in the Autobot/Decepticon war, and she was starstruck by his bravery yet terrified for his safety.

Jesse was almost brainwashed into serving the Decepticons by a Car Wash of Doom, but Buster managed to get her out of the highly suggestible state of mind she was in and simultaneously killed any chance he had of getting further than second base with her as a result. The humans of Earth thank Buster for his sacrifice.

Find Your Fate Junior

Jesse and Buster were exploring (read: snogging) in the hills outside of Center City, when they discovered a hidden Decepticon base and overheard Megatron's dastardly earthquake-related plans.

They ran into Beachcomber who was also investigating the Decepticon base. However, Jesse was abducted by Ramjet and the two had to leave without her.

Jesse was subsequently brainwashed by Megatron into betraying the Autobot rescue force, resulting in Center City's destruction, and Decepticon dominion over the planet Earth. Maybe Buster's next date will go better. Earthquake

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