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Jesse is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

WHAT IS THAT THING ON HER-- Oh, it's Buster.

Jesse[1] (also Jessie[2]) is a stunningly-attractive high school student. She attends ballet class, wears fashionable Eighties berets, and - luckily for Buster Witwicky - leaps lustfully into the arms of skinny, bookish, and sensitive boys who wear pink. She can be a little dense when it comes to others' feelings, but she always apologizes for it.

A few years later, she would grow up to have a slightly more-questionable fashion sense.

Portuguese name (Portugal comics): Zézé


Marvel Comics continuity[]

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Jesse and Buster were making out in his car (while their friend "O" watched) when it was rear-ended by a mysterious Volkswagen Beetle (surprise, it's Bumblebee!). During the following Decepticon attack, Buster told Jesse and "O" to find help, while he drove away in the Bug. The Transformers Buster was unreachable for some time, which worried Jesse and "O," but while walking about, listening to The Dazzler on their stereo, Buster returned with Bumblebee and explained that he had been caught up in the Autobot/Decepticon war. Buster and Bumblebee drove away before his friends could process this incredible information. Power Play!

Tragically, Buster's father, Sparkplug Witwicky was kidnapped by the evil Decepticons, forcing Buster further into the conflict. As he drove away inside Optimus Prime to rescue his father, Jesse was starstruck by his bravery, though she was terrified for his safety. She knew that he was sensitive, but she had not realized that he was so brave! Prisoner of War! She futilely tried to escape her worries by retreating to her ballet class, but as they watched their neighbors pack up and leave town, even there, the Transformers conflict was made evident. She wondered if she would ever see Buster again. The Last Stand


I've been a very bad girl.

After Sparkplug's heart attack, "O" and Jessie came to visit Buster in his father's autorepair shop. Buster was understandably cross, but his friends made matters worse when they indirectly suggested that autorepair is an easy skill to pick up. Enraged on behalf of his father's profession, Buster shooed his friends out of the garage. Warrior School! After a period of not talking to Buster at school, Jessie surprised Buster by asking him if he would accompany her on a bike ride to the falls. Though she avoided the subject of their recent fight, when her bike's chain suddenly broke, she had no choice but to bring up the subject.

She apologized.

Her apology was interrupted by Buster's father, Bumblebee, and Bluestreak, of which the latter two were curious about Buster and Jessie's romantic display. They were further interrupted by an attack from both Laserbeak, who had been spying on them, and later the newly-built Decepticon, Jetfire. Buster stopped the attack by revealing that he had been in possession of the Autobot Creation Matrix for some time, and he used it to disassemble Jetfire dramatically before their eyes. Brainstorm!

After Buster humiliated Shockwave in combat Robot Buster!, Shockwave ordered Soundwave to destroy him. In the wake of Buster's returning the Creation Matrix to Optimus Prime, the Matrix-induced nightmares that remained began to take their toll on Buster and Jessie's relationship, a problem that Sparkplug hoped would be resolved by a trip to the local demolition derby. Soundwave and the Constructicons arrived in the middle of the derby, and when the Constructicons combined into Devastator, Buster grabbed his head and screamed. As he collapsed in Jessie's arms, she cried, assuming the worst. Cradling his limp body, she angrily guarded him as Soundwave advanced. But before Soundwave could complete the assassination, his sensors detected within Buster's Matrix-enhanced brain lay the keys to the future of the Transformers race. He abruptly called for a retreat. Jessie loaded Buster, who was now awake, but delirious, into Ratchet, and they hurried back to the Ark. Devastation Derby!

Once Sparkplug, Jessie, and her boyfriend arrived, Optimus Prime decided that the only way to get to the bottom of Buster's visions of a second generation of Transformers was for him to monitor Buster's dreams as they both slumbered. When Buster and Optimus woke up, excitedly (and in unison) proclaiming the imminent arrival of the Special Teams, Buster began talking nonsense about Superion, Menasor, and other creatures. Regardless, he was smiling again, so Jessie and Sparkplug were relieved all the same. Second Generation!


So, so naughty. You'll have to punish me.

Jesse was hypnotized into serving the Decepticons by a Car Wash of Doom, but Buster managed to get her out of the highly suggestible state of mind she was in, thereby killing any chance he had of getting further than second base with her. The humans of Earth thank Buster for his sacrifice.

She later went undercover to Club Con, wearing only a bikini, with Blaster in an attempt save a captive Buster. Club Con!

Coloring books[]

At least once, a woman resembling Jesse was portrayed as the wife of Buster Witwicky in the year 2005. This might possibly give her a surname-by-marriage as Jesse Witwicky (although she was never called this) as her maiden name has never been revealed. As Buster was in turn portrayed as Daniel Witwicky's father, that presumably makes Daniel their child. Despite being in the future, they wore totally normal clothes. Crazy. The Lost Treasure of Cybertron

Find Your Fate Junior[]

Jesse and Buster were exploring (read: snogging) in the hills outside of Center City, when they discovered a hidden Decepticon base and overheard Megatron's dastardly earthquake-related plans.

They ran into Beachcomber, who was also investigating the Decepticon base. However, Jesse was abducted by Ramjet, and the two had to leave without her.

Jesse was subsequently brainwashed by Megatron into betraying the Autobot rescue force, resulting in Center City's destruction and Decepticon dominion over the planet Earth. Maybe Buster's next date will go better. Earthquake