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"They are not a gift from God; they are an unholy curse from The Beast We Call The Desolate One. The First of The Fallen, The Spoiler of Virgins, the Master of Abortions!"

Jeff Anderson was an artist on the Marvel UK Transformers comic, beginning with issue #65. He is from Hartlepool, in the North-East of England and has a wife and five children.

After Transformers, he worked as an inker on other Marvel UK titles, including Death's Head, Knights of Pendragon and Mys-tech Wars[1]. In the 90s, he released two graphic novels for Lion Hudson, 'The Shadow's Edge' and 'The Cutting Edge', later working on a graphic novel adaptation of the Bible. Winning a prize at the Angouleme Festival. [2] His work on that title led him to change his profession, in July 2007 he became ordained. He has now returned to full time illustration work. [3]

He is not to be confused with Jeff Anderson, who played "Randal" in the film "Clerks" who apparently knows NOTHING about the greatness of Transformers.

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