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The name or term Jazz refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jazz (disambiguation).

Jazz is an Autobot from Prime continuity family.



War for Cybertron

Autobot Campaign

Jazz was captured and put in one of the prison cells in Kaon. While he was in his cell,he did push-ups (maybe he prepared to leave the prison). When Optimus and his soldiers opened the cells, he alongside with Arcee (who was in another cell) escaped and led the other Autobots to freedom. When the team around Optimus made it to a hangar, they saw Jazz leading the Autobots into transport ships.


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Fall of Cybertron


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Concept art of Jazz and his altmode

  • Jazz was a Best Buy pre-order (or in some cases, just from buying the game at Best Buy) character for the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions of War for Cybertron, where he can be played in Escalation mode, and his chassis can be used in multiplayer. He's also one of the five characters available in the first Map and Character Pack DLC for the game alongside other pre-order characters such as Shockwave, Demolishor, Scattershot, and Onslaught. He can also be unlocked in the DS version.
  • In the Kaon Prison Break chapter at the To the Dungeon checkpoint, where you're in the arena with the clear roof, you can find jazz doing push-ups in one of the jail cells where the forth squad of Decepticons emerge from. After you free the Autobots from the prison both He and Arcee can be seen leading the escape.
  • Later after you release the prisoners in the prison, in the area with the Decepticon dropships, Jazz can be seen leading the other freed Autobots outside.

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