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Jazz is an evil Autobot from the "Shattered Glass" universe.

Do you know me? Of course you do. 'Cuz I'm famous bitch!

Hey, sucka! Jazz pities the fool, thug, or soul who won't join Optimus Prime in taking over the world. He is the best bodyguard, because he'll take a bullet, he'll take a stab wound, he'll take a hit upside the head; he's like a Kamikaze pilot. There ain't no other like him, except maybe his brother Ricochet, and the two guard Prime from chumps. They treat him right.

Optimus Prime has pitied Jazz ever since intercepted transmissions from Earth influenced his behavior, but he lets Jazz continue so long as he keeps busting up crazy dudes.

"Destroy it with style or don't bother destroying it at all!"
―Jazz's profile quote



Don't make me mad, Arrr!

Jazz was overseeing the smelting pool when Optimus Prime and Rodimus brought Cliffjumper to Iacon. When Cliffjumper questioned their cruel ways and Prime shot him in retaliation, Jazz joined the others in laughing at his misfortune.

Cliffjumper returned later with the Decepticon forces in a desperate strike against the Ark, and his glass gas bombs were dropped from jets overhead Jazz and Blurr. Jazz told Blurr to get out of his way, 'cuz he ain't gettin' bombed by no plane!

Jazz survived long enough to join Optimus Prime's counteroffensive. Shattered Glass



Jazz 2008BotCon

Still too funky to look evil...except for his purple insignia.

  • Shattered Glass (BotCon box set, 2008)
    • Accessories: Launcher, afterburner-shaped missile, key
Part of BotCon 2008's exclusive box set of five figures, Jazz is a retool of Cybertron Crosswise with a new head sculpt and colorscheme based on Generation One Jazz, though with altered text, most notably replacing "MARTINI" with "MASSACRE". He transforms into a Bugatti Veyron mid-engine sports car. Plugging a Cyber Key into his tailgate (his is a smoky-gray Cybertron-style Autobot key with black border and purple symbol) makes a pair of missile racks pop up from the engine bay and flip over onto his roof, which are also available in robot mode as shoulder-mounted weapons. His car mode's rear panels and running boards can swing forward to become hip-mounted (non-firing) blasters.
Jazz is only available as part of a set of six toys, along with Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Goldbug, Razorclaw and Starscream.
This mold was also used to make Shattered Glass Ricochet, Cybertron Smokescreen and the live-action movie-continuity Jolt.


  • In case you've gotten this far without noticing, Jazz's speech is styled after Mr. T's. This idea was originally part of the April Fool's Day "Shattered Expectations" comic, but when the prank proved amazingly popular, dialog adjustments were made to the real comic accordingly.

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