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First Lieutenant Jazz is one happy-go-lucky Autobot. Good-natured and always able to take things in stride, he provides a decent contrast to the more serious demeanor of Ironhide or Optimus Prime himself. He's also a talker, something Ironhide and Prime like to tease him about. He might be the smallest Autobot but he's by no means a coward. Jazz is Optimus's right-hand bot and is popular for his slick hip-hop style. He is the Autobot with the coolest head, and is sent on dangerous missions for that reason. Jazz can stay just as cool and collected as he always is under a hard situation. It isn't ego as it is skill when it comes to Jazz, and he is pretty casual when is comes to most things; no matter how wonderful or weird it is.

""You want a piece of me?! You want a piece?!"

"No, I want two!""

―Jazz's death in Transformers (film)


Dawn of War

Jazz served a sentry role alongside Prowl operating under the command of Lord Protector Megatron. In this role he seemed to liase extensively with Optimus on the research sites of the Scientific branch of government. Jazz was present when The Fallen's prison was uncovered on Cybertron. Following the assault of an alien race upon the planet, when Megatron and Optimus began to part ways over the course of their species, Jazz sided with Optimus. Even so, he stayed loyal to his oaths and when ordered to arrest Optimus for treason, did so, until it became clear that they had been betrayed and marked for assassination by Megatron. Jazz immediately joined Optimus in his fight for freedom when the Autobots were founded. Defiance 1-4

Ghosts Of Yesterday

On board the Ark, Jazz was the first to detect the Ghost 1's presence, and was later badly damaged in a fight with the Decepticons. After being repaired, he and Ratchet fought together against Barricade. Jazz easily stood up for the injured Ratchet, single-handedly fighting Barricade, Bonecrusher and Blackout, and escaping.

Titan Magazines

Jazz likes "to keep his bodywork buff" by externalizing his Spark Core forcefield - in the past, that led to him almost being killed when Bonecrusher almost tore out his unprotected Spark. He only survived thanks to fellow Autobot Clocker, who was killed covering his retreat. Transformers Comic issue 6

When the All Spark was launched, Jazz, Ratchet and Ironhide attempted to distract Megatron from pursuing it. They ended up attacked by Devastator and warped across space by a fold-space weapon. Transformers Comic issue 2



Jazz ended up on a planet that he dubbed "the Information Highway" - a constantly-morphing world with "the accumulated knowledge of countless alien cultures, condensed into some kind of sensory precipitation". He loved this world and the constant new experiences so much that he deliberately ignored Ratchet's homing beacon, wanting to stay here forever. However, the planet was alive and predatory, and ended up absorbing him into it - he fired off a warning buoy to stop others arriving, and only this led to Ratchet & Ironhide finding where he was and rescuing him. Transformers Comic issue 6

Spoiler jazz

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details for Transformers Comic issue 16 follow.

In an alternate universe, because of a lack of troops, Ratchet used a corrupted fragment of the All Spark to bring Jazz back to life. Happy to be back, he blew off the suggestion that death had made any impact beyond him wanting to live every day as if it was his last. Unfortunately, it turned out the corrupted fragment had led to Jazz himself being influenced; he paralyzed Ratchet and attempted to exploit Earth's apocalypse by selling the newly energon rich planet to the highest bidder. His auction was interrupted by Dreadwing, who rejected an offer to join forces, and attacked. Ratchet, whose redundancies had kicked in, revived and managed to destroy the energon field the auction was being held in, the resulting explosion proved enough to both force Dreadwing to retreat and give Jazz an opportunity to escape. Transformers Comic issue 16

Transformers The Game (console)

Voice actor: Andrew Kishino

Autobot campaign

Jazz arrived on Earth as part of Optimus Prime's unit, summoned to Earth by Bumblebee. After taking on the form of a Pontiac Solstice, he met up with the other Autobots. His first mission was to distract Sector Seven and law enforcement units, which he did, buying his fellow Autobots time to escape. Jazz was then surrounded by Sector Seven SUVs and Decepticon drones numerous times, requiring Ironhide's help to escape.

He then made his way to Mission City, where he engaged Starscream, Blackout and two Dreadwing drones. In basic terms, what happened was He first fought Starscream and the latter retreated after a nice beating. The first Dreadwing drone appeared and Jazz made short work of it. Then Blackout attacked. Jazz sent him off and killed the second Dreadwing. Then Starscream and Blackout double-teamed him. Jazz still beat them both. He killed Blackout first, then Starscream. Jazz was surprised that he'd taken all four down and began to celebrate, but the Autobot's victory was short-lived, as Brawl marched up behind him and caught Jazz's attention. Jazz sent an S.O.S. to his best friend: Ironhide. Brawl beat Jazz down and as he was beginning to stagger in exhaustion, Brawl punctured his chest with his claw, extinguishing his spark. Ironhide arrived just in time to witness Jazz's death, and swore he'd make Brawl's death slow. Ironhide then fought through a horde of Decepticon units to destroy him.

Note: Press left, up, down(2), left, up, right, at the New game menu. The screen will flash to confirm the code was entered correctly. Go to the bonus features, then the Generation One option to use a G1-homage deco on Jazz. This does not change his appearance in the Decepticon campaign, however.

Decepticon campaign

Jazz arrived in Mission City with Sam and Mikaela (taking the role of the defeated Bumblebee), where he was confronted by Barricade. After a brief chase through the city, Jazz engaged Barricade in battle, where he was defeated and killed.

Transformers: Autobots

Jazz met with the autobots in an old junk yard. Setting out into the city, he retrieved a number of Sector Seven vehicles before running into Blackout; after a tedious battle, Blackout runs. Returning to the group, Jazz reports his findings,Then Bumblebee gets captured. At Hpover Dam Jazz needs to plant a virus and try not to hit cars or military vehicles while driving. Then he fights a lot of military vehicles while he does a download. Then in the mission Firefighting Create-a-Bot helps Jazz fight off Allspark drones. The whereabouts of Jazz were unknown whether he survives or dies fighting the Allspark drones. He becomes forgotten about until he's unlocked as a playable character.

Transformers: Decepticons

Much like in the movie, Jazz's big scene in Decepticons is his battle with Megatron. At the Hoover Dam, Jazz has set up several automated turrets and Autobot drones around the lower perimeter of the Dam, preventing Megatron from escaping. However, this line of defense only works for so long, since the turrets only fire at air-borne objects. Finally getting up the side of the Dam, Jazz steps in Megatron's path, doing little more than trash talking before Megatron jumps into battle. After a roughly equal fight, Jazz finally falls. Megatron then finishes him off and desecrates his corpse. But Jazz must have been hyper on Energon because taking Jazz over to the Dam, he will jump into the water on his own.

Transformers (2007) film

Voice actor: Darius McCrary (English), Taiten Kusunoki (Japanese), Torsten Michaelis (German)
Movie Jazz protoformcrash

Looks like those homers Ruth hit finally came back from orbit. IT'S BACK HERE!!!!!

Jazz was part of Optimus Prime's unit, summoned to Earth by Bumblebee after the latter Autobot came to be in the possession of Sam Witwicky. After his protoform crashed through a baseball stadium, he investigated a nearby car dealership and chose a Pontiac Solstice hardtop as his vehicle mode.

Jazz movie ally

Sadly, the other car's owner only had liability.

Linking up with his fellow Autobots in a deserted alley, Jazz greeted Sam and Mikaela Banes as "little bitches," stating that Earth seemed to be a cool place to hang out. He casually sat on the hood of another car while Optimus Prime explained to Sam they learned Earth's languages through the World Wide Web. He then relayed their mission to find the All Spark and explained how his grandfather's glasses were the key to its location.

Soon after, as Sam looked for his grandfather's glasses, the Autobots attempted to assist by clumsily destroying the yard where they went. When it came to hide from the parents, Jazz had the easiest time blending into the shadows due to his small stature.

When Sam and Mikaela were captured by Sector Seven, the Autobots mounted a rescue that saw Optimus Prime tearing the roof off Agent Simmons' vehicle. When the agents attempted to resist, Jazz used a magnet to relieve the humans of their weapons. After Bumblebee was captured by Sector Seven during the retreat, Jazz expressed his desire to rescue him, but was overruled by Optimus Prime, who didn't believe it possible to accomplish this without harming the humans, and so they should let them go.

The next day, after Optimus used his navigation scanner on Archibald Witwicky's glasses, Jazz again commented that they could not leave Bumblebee to die at the hands of Sector Seven, to become a human experiment. Optimus replied that Bumblebee would die in vain if they did not find the All Spark, and when Ironhide asked if the primitive and cruel humans deserved to be saved, Optimus countered by asking if Transformers were so different in the past. Going on to explain what he saw in the humans, Prime declared that if it came to it, he would sacrifice himself to destroy the All Spark - the humans should not pay for Cybertron's mistakes. Inspired by his words, Jazz and the other Autobots rolled out, filled with determination.

On the way to Hoover Dam, the Autobots encountered Bumblebee leading a convoy of Sector Seven assault vehicles. Jazz and his fellow Autobots applied brakes and did a hard u-turn to join the formation.

Jazz VS Brawl

Dude. You're too small.

Entering Mission City, without Optimus, Jazz assumed the role of commander for the Autobots while the human soldiers tried to call for air support from their own forces, only to be attacked by Starscream disguised as a human F-22 fighter. The small Autobot fired his shield-mounted plasma cannon at Starscream, warding him off by blasting his left tail fin from the unprotected Sam Witwicky(a scene cut from the movie), and oddly, transformed back into vehicle mode after the explosion which crippled Bumblebee, destroying his legs. When Brawl began shelling the battle site, Jazz led the Autobot charge toward the Decepticon, speeding to the tank in vehicle mode, then transformed and hopped on top of the turret to distract the Decepticon from the humans. As Brawl also transformed, Jazz managed to wreck his left-side rocket launcher pod before being tossed off. He then sped back to the battle, firing at Brawl, blasting his face open, effectively blinding him, while Ratchet sliced off the arm that Brawl used to chug his 10-liter Gatorade bottles (Brawl only liked Lemon-Lime and Fierce Green Apple.).

I want two

Jazz's desperate effort to fight Megatron, before being torn in half. Jazz:"You wanna piece of me?" Megatron:"No! I want two!"

The battle was tilting in the Autobots' favor until the arrival of Megatron which was witnessed by Jazz, Ratchet and Ironhide. As Ratchet was not powerful enough to take on Megatron and Ironhide would be needed in the battle, the diminutive Autobot was forced to take on the Decepticon behemoth. Jazz attacked Megatron in order to cover the escape of several fleeing humans, but all he got for his trouble was being blasted by the Decepticon's fusion cannon. The Decepticon leader tossed him through the air, then stomped him with the crushing grip of his talons. Valiantly, Jazz defied to the bitter end, opting to injure Megatron rather than surrender. Jazz blasted Megatron twice as he screamed "You want a piece of me?! You want a piece of me?!", then Megatron, unfazed by the blasts, said "No! I want...two!" and he tore Jazz in half. He managed to keep Decepticon out of the battle until Optimus arrived, at a heavy cost. Megatron tossed Jazz's parts aside and engaged Optimus.

Movie Prime Jazz Ironhide Ratchet battleaftermath

"We lost a great Autobot today. We'll miss you, Blues."
"His name was Jazz, Prime!"
"Whatever, Sideswipe."

After being separated from Sam Witwicky, Ratchet hurried to the almost dead Jazz, but his spark had already faded. In the aftermath of Megatron's defeat, Ironhide somberly handed Optimus Prime, Jazz's remains as Ratchet reported that he could not save their comrade, whom the Autobot leader eulogized. Transformers (film)

Rise of Fighterblue film

Voice Actor: Jason Derulo (English)

When formerly dead Autobots like Jazz, Ironhide, Ratchet, and others surrounded Optimus, Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, Crosshairs, Fighterblue, Goldatron, Mountaineer, Tommy Duff, and Tommy's dad, the Autobots are very proud.

Later, Jazz can be seen cloning the giant dog-like Decepticon Destroyer, who transforms into a red 2017 Honda CR-V, in the Battle of New York City, and, after making the clone an Autobot, making it decapitate and kill a Toyotacon... and then the clone licks Jazz in happiness. Then, after Fighterblue kills Fighterblack, the leader of the Decepticons, with help from Optimus parts armoring the now-Autobot-leader, Jazz and his new dog enjoy their new freedom... by happily sniffing the flowers in Central Park.

Note: Despite his quite unambiguous death in the film, the packaging for the Target-exclusive Jazz redeco (below) claims he survived and was repaired by Ratchet, choosing new colours because the silver "scratched too easily." Michael Bay disagrees with this, stating emphatically, "Jazz is dead." The bio on the redeco is thus from a micro-continuity.


Transformers film

Legends Class toys

  • Autobot Jazz (Legends Class, 2007)
Japanese name: EZ Collection Jazz
Movie Legends Jazz toy

Guess who's back from the dead?

A much smaller version of the character, Legends Jazz features limited articulation and detail, along with a much simpler transformation. A rather glaring side-effect of this simplicity, in a desire to mimic the hood chest of the larger toy, is the addition of a second front bumper on the roof of his alt-mode. Whether this means Jazz also includes a second engine to go with this front bumper or an attempt at compensation for a case of police car envy is unknown. Ironically, the smallest version of Jazz is the biggest Legends toy in the movie line. Even bigger than Optimus. This may make up for the Arcee toy being taller than his Deluxe figure.
  • Optimus Prime bonus pack (Costco exclusive multi-pack, 2007)
A Costco exclusive special pack of Leader Class Optimus Prime with Legends Class Bumblebee and Autobot Jazz as bonus figures. None of the three toys is changed from their respective original releases.
  • Battle for the Allspark (Toys'R'Us exclusive Legends multi-pack, 2007)
Movie Allspark Legends pack

Why's the man always putting me down?

A Toys "R" Us exclusive, this six-pack of Legends class figures contains unmodified toys of Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream and Barricade.
  • Autobot Jazz vs. Bonecrusher (Legends "Allspark Battles" two-pack, 2008)
Movie Legends JazzBonecrusher toys

Bonecrusher tried to make Jazz smaller by slamming his head in, but he hates small opponents.

As part of the AllSpark Battles refresh of the Movie toyline, Legends class Jazz with slightly different deco with more paint for his robot mode chest... but less paint for the vehicle mode hood while the vehicle mode windows are now blue, painted on all sides. He is packed in a versus two-pack with an all-new Legends class figure of Bonecrusher.
  • Battle Jazz vs. Ice Megatron (Legends "Allspark Battles" two-pack, 2008)
Movie Legends JazzIceMegatron toys

Megatron's going to have a tough time tearing that in half.

Once again Legends class Jazz is redecoed, this time in a battle-damaged deco based upon his appearance during the battle in Mission City. Amusingly, like the Deluxe class Final Battle Jazz toy, the "battle damage" can only be seen in robot mode. He comes packed with a redecoed Legends class Megatron toy colored with blue accents.

Deluxe Class toys

  • Autobot Jazz (Deluxe Class, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MA-04

"Just wait. They'll do me in G1 colors soon, and I'll have my shield blaster..."

Jazz transforms into a silver Pontiac Solstice Custom Hardtop. Included is a blaster weapon that elongates into a sniper rifle, which may also be clipped directly onto his rear spoiler when in vehicle mode. In robot mode, the section featuring this same rear spoiler may be kept folded onto his back or worn on either shoulder as a shield. An interesting undocumented feature is a hinge joint located on the bottom of the rifle can attach to the shield's hinge joint, creating three choice weapon configurations: (a) a mounted long range sniper rifle, (b) an ambidextrous shoulder-mounted cannon, or (c) a short range blaster with built-in shield somewhat akin to what has been seen in Jazz's concept art and in the movie itself.
As with most of the mainline toys, he features a Automorphing gimmick that is activated by pushing the car roof down onto his back and locking it into place. This raises his head and slides his chest panels into proper position for the robot mode. This feature, like the weaponry mentioned above, is not documented at all, so one must be careful to not press the chest and the back at the same time.
This mold was redecoed into G1 colors in a Target-exclusive redeco, and later as Revenge of the Fallen Smokescreen.
  • Deluxe three-pack (Costco exclusive multi-pack, 2007)
This Costco exclusive three-pack contains an unchanged Deluxe Class Autobot Jazz together with equally unchanged Deluxe Class Bonecrusher and Decepticon Brawl toys. It also comes with a nifty poster depicting all three toys in a standoff scene.
  • Deluxe three-pack (multi-pack, UK 2007)
This three-pack, which was available at general retail in the United Kingdom, contains an unchanged Deluxe Class Autobot Jazz together with equally unchanged Deluxe Class Protoform Optimus Prime and Decepticon Brawl toys.
  • Autobot Jazz (Target Exclusive Deluxe, 2007)
Movie G1Jazz toy

"...told you so!"

An extensive redeco of Deluxe class Jazz, this Target-exclusive is heavily based on Generation One Jazz's Martini Racing scheme. He's lacking in Martini sponsorship for all the obvious reasons, replacing them with his own name. Disco Jazz doesn't need to advertise really, but he does.
This figure also features a minor retool of the joint in the forearm. On the initial, mass retail release of Deluxe Jazz, the black hinge-joint was able to slide over slightly as part of the original design. The new version features a shorter joint, which makes it a lot less floppy in robot mode. Cyberflies sold separately.
  • Final Battle Jazz (Deluxe Class, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MA-14
Movie FinalBattleJazz toy

No Cool colors in Movie 2? Aww.

An extensive retool of Jazz, modifying his head and most of his legs to give them a broken, battle-scarred appearance. Amusingly, because Hasbro chose to keep his vehicle mode pristine, the rest of his body is undamaged. All the damaged parts have a black and blue deco, representing glowing circuitry and exposed conduits.
Jazz comes with a brand new spring-loaded weapon (called a Crescent Cannon on the packaging), partially modeled after the actual weapon Jazz appears with in the film. It can fire a transparent blue projectile and, not unlike his original featured weapon, can be mounted in different configurations: (a) Mounted on his right arm with the Crescent Cannon missile launcher (with the crescent up) facing forward a la the film, or (b) mounted on his left arm with the flip-out rifle barrel pointed forwards (with the crescent down). The cannon can actually be rotated on the connecting peg, allowing the gun to be mounted in either configuration on either arm.
Unusual for a regular Deluxe class figure, this version of Jazz is packaged on his card in robot mode, no doubt to highlight the changes to the figure that would not be visible in the vehicle mode.
In addition to the retooled forearm joint also found on the Target exclusive "G1 color" Jazz, a running change variant of Final Battle Jazz adds another peg to the Crescent Cannon, thus allowing Jazz to use the weapon in all the different configurations on either arm.[1]
In spite of the claim that this is a "final battle" version of Jazz, his torso does not separate easily from his legs.
Jazz Allspark Enhanced

I feel so pretty in this cylinder.

  • All Spark-Enhanced Autobot Jazz (Target Exclusive Deluxe, 2007)
This Target exclusive features the Deluxe Class Jazz in unique cylindrical packaging, with the only difference from his standard release being that key robot mode parts are highlighted by the slavish 'All Spark Blue' color for no other reason than to sell toys.


Completely movie-accurate. Hasbro even made the proper gun.

  • Autobot Jazz (Deluxe Class "Premium Series", 2008)
This more movie-accurate version of Jazz sports a shinier coat of silver paint, along with added paint application detail to his robot mode parts.
  • Autobot Jazz (Deluxe, 2011)
    • Accessories: Telescoping "sword" (rifle)
This is a Target-exclusive redeco of the original Autobot Jazz mold with translucent plastic. He is packed with an exclusive comic book.

Human Alliance


Autobot Jazz and Captain Lennox

  • Autobot Jazz and Captain Lennox (2010)
A brand new Human Alliance figure. The car mode is sleek, but has many transformation cracks that make it look like a deluxe, and he doesn't really have seats inside. Jazz comes with a motorcycle that "transforms" into Jazz's movie accurate weapon and not the telescoping weapon that was used mostly in his deluxe molds. The motorcycle can be rode by Lennox, the human counterpart of this set. The robot mode is fully articulated, along with double elbow joints. Jazz has a flip down visor and a shoulder rifle that Lennox can operate.

Fast Action Battlers

  • Ion Blast Autobot Jazz (Fast Action Battler, 2007)
Movie FAB Jazz

What good am I again?

Though larger than the standard Deluxe class Jazz, Fast Action Battlers 'Ion Blast' Jazz is a simplified toy with comparatively few parts and detailing. In vehicle mode he's kind of a squat and cutified Pontiac Solstice while in robot mode he bears greater resemblance to Generation One depictions of Jazz due to the simple transformation sequence. Amusingly, FAB Jazz's head is mounted on a piece of plastic extending from the roof/windshield piece, just like the Generation One toy. His articulation is limited to his shoulders, hips and knees, and has a missile launcher in place of his left hand.
This toy was later redecoed into Sonic Shock Smokescreen.

Cyber Slammers

  • Autobot Jazz (Cyber Slammers, 2007)
Movie Jazz CyberSlammer

Even Stinger thought I looked cute.

Cyber Slammers Jazz is an amazingly cute Pontiac Solstice that transforms into an amazingly cute Autobot hipster. 'Slam' his robot mode down into car mode and he rolls along, slowly transforming back up into robot mode. Like most Cyber Slammers, Jazz manages to cram most of his vehicle mode's major details into a compact, super-deformed version of that mode.

Robot Replicas

  • Autobot Jazz (Robot Replica, 2007)
Movie RobotReplicas Jazz

My hand picks up XM.

As part of the Robot Replicas line, this version of Jazz is a non-transforming action figure that utilizes Revoltech-style jointing. The sculpt hews much closer to the movie CGI model than is possible with the full transforming toys, plus the universal jointing of the line allows for his forearm to be replaced with the included Crescent Cannon (which is also called that on the toy's packaging), or parts from other Robot Replica figures. Jazz's shoulders are actually mounted on the wrong sides of the toy as compared to the Movie's CG design, but can easily swapped due to the toy's body construction.

Titanium Series

  • Autobot Jazz (3" Robot Masters, 2007)
Movie TitaniumRM Jazz

"Are you looking at me?"

Titanium Jazz is a die-cast metal and plastic figurine, with an accurate sculpt based on the slender CG model owing to the fact he doesn't need to transform. Being a figurine, he only has articulation in his shoulders, neck and waist. Jazz is sculpted with a small handgun that was only featured in concept art early in film developement that still showed Arcee as part of the main cast. Jazz comes with a Movie-style Autobot symbol display stand, as is expected.


Robot Heroes

Movie Robotheroes JazzVsFrenzy

"His only real complaint is that he's always stuck fighting the small ones."

  • Autobot Jazz vs. Decepticon Frenzy (2007)
This pack of cutely sculpted figurines features an oddly brown-coloured Frenzy.
  • Protoform Jazz vs. Decepticon Brawl (2007)

Yeah, um, that sure is Jazz. He just gained weight, or, something

This Robot Heroes pack features a cutely murderous figurine of Brawl, and Jazz in his "Protoform" mode. However, the design of the figure follows the toy design of Protoform Optimus, rather than the generic Autobot Protoform model used in the film. On the other hand, this means Protoform Jazz can easily represent any of his other three companions who crash landed to Earth. Like many Robot Heroes, he's jointed at the shoulders and neck.
  • Battle Jazz vs. Megatron (2007)
This Robot Heroes pack comes with a damaged jazz figurine that has black linesto show damage on his left leg, head, chest, and shield cannon. It also comes with a Megatron figurine with a chain whip. Jazz has normal articulation on his arms and neck.


Movie UnleashedTurnarounds RatchetJazz

Ratchet, unable to re-attach Jazz's lower torso, fitted Jazz with one of those things the Quintesson Judges float with, and made it flamin'!

  • Autobot Ratchet and Autobot Jazz (2008)
The Ratchet and Jazz turnaround is a 3D sculpture of the two characters, both in robot mode, emerging from rubble and explosions, with a movie-accurate sculpt (compared to the various transforming toys). The "turnaround" aspect of these sculptures simply means one can turn the piece around to display a raised-relief of the movie-style Autobot sigil instead.
This product's release was cancelled for the US market, but was released in Australia and in Asia.


Movie Jazz armswordconcept

Cool melee weapon in the game, totally non-existent in the movie.

  • The packaging text for the Deluxe Jazz figure refers to his weapon as a "telescoping sword". As ridiculous as this sounds considering this weapon looks like a firearm and can attach to his spoiler in vehicle mode as such, this very idea actually comes from concept drawings of a sword weapon featured on the same concept art that also had Jazz showcasing the short range blaster/shield thingy both featured in the film and included with his Final Battle retool. It was also seen during the video game when you were melee attacking. So, really... not that ridiculous anymore.
  • During the final battle in Mission City, there's a brief period where Jazz is not doing anything. He rolls into action when Ironhide notices that the F-22 flying above the city is Starscream, transforming from vehicle mode when Ironhide and Bumblebee pick up a Furby delivery truck for cover, and when Starscream blasts them, he uses his body as a shield to protect Sam from Starscream, firing his canon. And after Sam discovers that Bumblebee has lost his legs, all Jazz does is pull back for a few feet to give Bumblebee space to crawl. In the end, Jazz doesn't really join the battle at all until Brawl shows up. Jazz must have something against Brawl.
  • In an earlier draft of the movie script, Megatron was supposed to "consume" the Sparks of Autobots he killed. A remainder of this can be found in the novelization and the IDW comic adaptation of the movie, which both explicitly state that Megatron tears out Jazz's Spark. In the movie itself, however, Megatron simply appears to kill Jazz by ripping him apart at the waist, even though Frenzy was previously able to survive as a detached head and Bumblebee also survives having HIS legs ripped off. In the second movie, Mixmaster also survives having his body cleaved in half by Jetfire. The companion book, "Transformers: The Movie Universe," explains that Jazz had depleted a great deal of his energy shields, leaving his spark vulnerable.
  • Though it is very brief, Jazz does indeed get a face close-up during the Mission City battle when he is shot by Megatron and falls over in pain, before he is ripped in half.
  • His license plate number is 664 NLZ0.
  • Hasbro Battle bios (Jazz quotes) say that Ratchet fixed Jazz up with a fragment of All Spark.
  • He has a visor, what is perhaps one of the Generation 1 resemblances that ANY of the Transformers have in the movies.
  • Due to the fact that he's dead, Jazz isn't featured in Revenge of the Fallen game. Though, he is a part of the downloadable content (Yay!). For some reason, he launches blue crescent missiles. Huh?
  • In an episode of Robot Chicken, Jazz was still alive, but Optimus Prime just didn't seem to care. Jazz tried to drive off with the Autobots after transforming, but he crashed into a brick wall.
  • In the Transformers: The Game Autobots campaign for the Nintendo DS, Optimus's eulogy to Jazz was instead given to the player Autobot.
  • Jazz's upper body can be seen on the Laurentian Abyss when the Decepticons are about to resurrect Megatron in Revenge of the Fallen.
    • It's hard to believe Optimus would allow his body to just be dumped in the sea.

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  1. Original Allspark thread about the running change mold variant for Final Battle Jazz's Crescent Cannon
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