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JasperNevada is a small town in the United States of America. The local newspaper is the deceptively-titled The Jasper Daily.

Transformers: Prime


Jasper was the hometown of June Darby and her son Jack, Miko's host parents, Rafael Esquivel, Sierra, and her friend. A student from Japan named Miko Nakadai was visiting as part of a foreign exchange student program.

In Darkness Rising, Part 1, Arcee was on patrol in Jasper, chatting with Cliffjumper when Cliffjumper picked up something suspicious on his sensors. When Cliffjumper needed backup, Arcee went to help. After the battle, which resulted in Cliffjumper's death, Arcee went back on patrol in Jasper. She was parked outside KO Burger when she attracted the attention of both Jack Darby and a couple of Decepticon troopers. Jack was sitting on her when the Decepticons attacked, so she had no choice but to flee with Jack. The chase weaved through the streets of Jasper, and eventually ended up in a drainage canal, where Jack and Arcee encountered Rafael. The two kids made their escape through a drain while Arcee, Bumblebee and Bulkhead dealt with the 'Cons.

After school the next day, Bumblebee and Arcee arrived to pick up Jack and Rafael, and were inadvertently spotted by Miko. The Autobots took the trio to the Autobot base some distance from town.

In Darkness Rising, Part 2, the three kids returned home later that evening with Autobot guardians.

In Darkness Rising, Part 4, following another mission, Jack opted to return to his more peaceful life in Jasper. He was visited at home by Miko, who tried to persuade him that there was no way he could go back to his old, boring life.

Darkness Rising, Part 5, when this didn't work, Arcee intercepted him in the KO Burger parking lot and managed to convince him to return to the Autobot base with her.

In Masters and Students, the kids' science projects, supplied by Ratchet, caused chaos and damage at the school.

In Con Job, there was a monster truck rally in town that Bulkhead would rather go to than drive around on sand dunes!

In Speed Metal, some of the kids at the school took part in street racing on the roads around Jasper. Jack was unwittingly drawn into the street racing in an attempt to impress Sierra, but the race on a well-known circuit only succeeded in endangering school bully Vince when Knock Out abducted him. Knock Out and Breakdown lured the Autobots to a Jasper storage facility where a battle took place.

In Crisscross, when MECH teamed up with Airachnid to track down Jack, they set up a temporary base in a deserted factory in Jasper and kidnapped Jack's mother from the carpark of the hospital. The factory became the scene of a battle between Airachnid and Arcee as Jack tried to rescue his mom. Also Agent Fowler joined in with some attack helicopters.

In The Human Factor, sometime later, MECH leader Silas (now integrated into the body of the dead Decepticon Breakdown) allied himself with the Decepticons by providing them with Project Damocles, a space-based particle cannon he had developed while in the US military. When Soundwave detected that the Autobots and their human allies were trying to disrupt Damocles' targeting software, he directed the beam towards Jasper in the hopes of destroying Raf Esquivel's house. While he failed to do that, the beam did manage to damage the KO Burger sign.

In Legacy, Jack was teaching new Team Prime recruit Smokescreen road rules around Jasper when Vince pulled up beside them at the lights. The bully threw a burger at Smokescreen, so the Autobot and Jack did they only thing they could do: they covered Vince's car in burgers. Shortly thereafter, they stuffed a pizza into the tailpipe of Jack's boss' car.

In Darkest Hour, a beam of power from the Omega Lock struck near Jasper, creating an immense fortress. Agent Fowler had the town evacuated as a result.

In Darkmount, NV, when the military attempted to attack the Decepticon citadel, Megatron turned one of the fusion cannons on them, destroying the attacking forces and devastating the evacuated town.

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