The various Japanese Transformers television shows each feature one or more opening and closing theme song.

Theme songsEdit

Each Transformers series in Japan has featured its own opening and closing theme song. Many different performers contributed over the years, giving a wide variety of different styles, from rap to pop, from serious to silly. Typically, the same artist would perform the opening and closing songs for a given series, though there are exceptions. Occasionally, an artist would provide music for multiple series.

Generation OneEdit

Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers

Transformers 2010

The Headmasters

Super God Masterforce

  • Opening: Theme of Super God Masterforce (超神マスターフォースのテーマ / Chōjin Masutāfōsu no Tēma) by Toshiya Igarashi
  • Closing: Burn! Transformer (燃えろ!トランスフォーマー / Moero! Toransufōmā) by Toshiya Igarashi


  • Opening: Transformer V (トランスフォーマーV) by Koji Kaya
  • Closing: Autobots Banzai (サイバトロンばんざい / Seibertron Banzai) by Korogi '73


Beast EraEdit

Beast Wars

Beast Wars Metals

  • Opening 1: Evolution of the Soul (魂のエヴォリューション / Tamashī no Evoryūshon) by Hironobu Kageyama
  • Closing 1: BA-BI-BU-BE Beast Wars (バ・ビ・ブ・べ ビーストウォーズ) by Hironobu Kageyama & The Ba-Bi-Bu-Be Bombers
  • Opening 2: Millennium Soldier (千年のソルジャー / Sen-nen no Sorujā) by Hironobu Kageyama
  • Closing 2: HALLELUYAH by Hironobu Kageyama, Mitsuko Horie, & The Ba-Bi-Bu-Be Bombers
  • Opening (special 1): Song of the Beginning (始まりの唄 / Hajimari no Uta) by Katsu Seiji & Isugi Kenzo
  • Closing (special 1): To the Never-ending Skies (果てしないこの宇宙(SORA)へ / Hateshinai kono (Sora) e) by Katsu Seiji & Isugi Kenzo
  • Opening (special 2): Off to That Dream (あの夢の彼方へ / Ano Yume no Kanata e) by
  • Closing (special 2): Wa! Wa! Wonderland (WA!WA!ワンダーランド) by C.O.A.

Beast Wars II

Beast Wars Neo

Beast Wars Returns

Car RobotsEdit

Car Robots

The Unicron TrilogyEdit

Micron Legend


Galaxy Force

Song collectionsEdit

Though each Transformers series featured distinctive music, the songs were not widely available in the '80s. Some of them were collected together with non-Transformers anime and sold as part of massive compilations. With the debut of Beast Wars, that started to change. CD singles of most Beast Wars-era songs were readily available, and eventually albums compiling many songs began to be released. By 2003, the Generation One series would see similar treatment.

Transformers Theme Song CollectionEdit

Transformers Theme Song Collection

The Transformers Theme Song Collection is a two-disc CD set. It was released by Columbia Music Entertainment on August 20, 2003 in Japan. It features all of the Japanese theme songs from Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers through Micron Legend and runs approximately 2 hours.

Transformers: History of Music 1984-1990Edit

The Transformers: History of Music 1984-1990 is a five-disc CD set released by Columbia Music Entertainment on March 31, 2004 in Japan. It includes themes and background music for all of the various Japanese Generation One series. Running time is approximately 5 hours.

Transformers: Song UniverseEdit

Song universe

The Transformers: Song Universe is a five-disc CD set. It was released by Columbia Music Entertainment on August 8, 2007 in Japan. Unlike the History of Music collection, it has no background music, though it spans G1 through the end of the Unicron Trilogy. In addition to theme songs, it includes karaoke version of many of the songs, B-sides of singles and Kiss Players radio dramas. It runs approximately 6 hours.

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