The Jaki (邪鬼) are drone Predacons that come in five different types. The Barara, Burara, Garara, and Jurara types are each controlled by one of the Four Oni, while Dorara types are controlled directly by Dragotron himself. Jaki are magically created out of ordinary objects by the Four Oni when needed. When one Jaki of each type is present, they are referred to as the Dark Jaki Corps (闇の邪鬼軍団 Yami no Jaki Gundan) or just Dark Jaki (闇の邪気ども Yami no Jaki-domo), and can be combined by one of the Four Oni to form the monstrous Goradora. Jaki can be altered (particularly while in combined form) by the Four Oni to fit the needs of the situation. It is unclear whether the Jaki are autonomous in combined mode, or whether they are directly controlled by Dragotron or one of the Four Oni.

Known Members

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