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Even the damn steering wheel's pink!

Jake Dalrymple is an angry, angry man in the Generation One continuity family.

Jake Dalrymple lives in a small country town in Wyoming. Despite this he drives a very fancy—and very pink—car and dresses like a yuppie. He takes great offence at any insult (real or perceived) and will go to great lengths to extract vengeance.


Marvel Comics continuity

While backing his car out into the street, Jake collided with a Blue Van, his prized car taking some damage to its rear bumper (And he'd only had it a month!). The van, however, kept on driving despite the abuse he yelled at it. Ordering his girlfriend Frannie back into the car, he set off in pursuit, seeming more incensed over the other driver's failure to stop than the damage itself.

The chase went on for several miles, but as Jake drew near he was suddenly stopped by two soldiers in a jeep, and held at gunpoint. This seemed to make him see reason as he was prepared to let the whole thing go rather than talk to the soldier's commanding officer. Before he could go on his way however, the blue van returned with his friends heading back the way they had come. Jake ran into the road and attempted to wave the van down, and almost got run down for his trouble. Luckily, the van swerved out of his way, then mysteriously exploded and tumbled down a hillside. Command Performances!

Some time later while bringing his car in for repairs at Bob's Service, Jake and Frannie crossed paths with the mysterious van again. The pursuit went as well for Jake as all his other run ins, and soon his car was covered in green paint. After dropping the machine off at Bob's to remove the paint, Jake and Frannie discussed the amazing driving of the other vehicle, Jake even saying it seemed alive (a fact not lost on one the diner's other patrons).


D-Fens would be so proud.

The amazing coincidences continued when the next day, while leaving Bob's, the blue van went speeding past and out of town. Again in pursuit, Jake followed the van to an abandoned gold mining town. After hiding his car and waiting for the driver to leave, he smashed the van's windscreen with a tire iron. The two apparent owners of the van returned, telling him some crazy story about how the van was trying to protect them. Before they could explain further, a giant robot burst through one of the buildings, toppling the van and scattering the humans. Returning to his car, Jake was ready to drive off and leave the van and its owners to their fate, but, convinced by Frannie, he instead drove into the mechanical cat. The collision wrecked his car, but knocked the beast away and gave the van enough time to transform into another giant robot. Jake watched as the two did battle, and as the former van said a final farewell to the chick in the cut offs.

It is not known if his dealer insurance covered giant robot damage. Showdown!

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Frannie doesn't have much to say, and seems to act as the soothing yin to Jake's raging yang. Most of Jake's ravings don't seem to phase her, but when people are in real need she stands up to him and makes sure he does the right thing.


  • The Lamborghini Countach has very poor rear visibility, so Jake's failure to see Skids is entirely plausible.
  • Though it may not really be a Countach, as the doors open like those of a normal car, instead of the distinctive 'scissor' type of the Lamborghini.
  • And pink?! Seriously, what the hell?

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