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The name or term Jake refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Jake (disambiguation).

This time the academy will not deny me!

Jake Colton is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

Jake Colton is a B-movie actor with extensive experience in the understudy area of the dinner theater circuit. He should not be confused with Joe Colton.


Marvel Comics continuity

Starring as "Brick" in Creepozoids of the Crab Nebula had given Jake quite a swelled ego. When the Creepozoid broke down, Jake stormed off to confront the film's director, Rollie Friendly, about his "intolerable working conditions". The director told him to get lost, reminding him of his former status as a has-been nobody. His co-star, Carissa Carr, reminded him she'd tried to warn him not to start a fight with Rollie, but Jake brushed her off and cited his duty as a professional actor to defend his craft (and simultaneously managed to put down Carissa while doing it).

Later, on an expedition to find the mysterious Bigfoot, Jake at first decried the rural life until Rollie pointed out who his boss was. When the crew finally found the creature, it attacked, and Jake hid with Carissa behind the studio's jeep, asking his co-star if nurses were paid well.

With everything settled between the creature (whose name was actually Skullgrin), the army, and the studio, the movie changed production to Monster from Mars, adding Skullgrin as the star. Jake was not happy with the change of billing and made his feelings well known. During a break in filming at the Grand Canyon, a battle broke out between Skullgrin and Circuit Breaker, which the director ordered captured for use in the movie. To aid this, he ordered Jake to get out there and act like he was fighting the monster. Balking at the prospect of real fighting, Jake protested, but the threat of blacklisting proved a sufficient motivator for him to improvise. It was all for nothing, though, as the film was destroyed, and Skullgrin was left injured in the canyon. Jake seemed to find this most amusing. Monstercon from Mars!