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Jacob Lee Bonaventure is a human in the Hearts of Steel portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Jacob Lee Bonaventure is an industrialist in the latter part of the 19th century. He is apparently a high-ranking officer in a railroad company, or possibly its owner. He looks and acts like a somewhat-more-competent (and bewhiskered) Boss Hogg.


IDW Hearts of Steel continuity

Alerted by his employee Vanflint, Bonaventure goes looking for the Decepticon factory, and meets with Starscream. He offers his services as the Decepticons' intermediary in their dealings with humans, in the hopes of profiting from their advanced technology. Starscream agrees. Hearts of Steel issue 3 Bonaventure is aboard Astrotrain during the journey to New York, and offers some useful intelligence regarding the Autobots' pursuit (provided by a loyal and observant telegraph operator). He presumably perishes when Astrotrain plummets over a cliff. Hearts of Steel issue 4

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