"Ho-ho, ha-ha, he-he! Got my brother but you didn't get me!"
―Jacknab in Get a Clue.

Jacknab is a Corvicon in Combiner Force season. He has two brothers whose names are Boostwing and Pilfer. Together they are a three-man criminal group.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 3

In Get a Clue, after taking Boostwing into custody, Strongarm puzzled over the fact that he had seemed to be in multiple places at the same time, suddenly realizing that he must have had partners–and that the Crown City Gold Depository would be where they would find "the brightest shinies on the planet". Her intuition paid off as she found Jacknab there, and she attempted to take him into custody, only to be foiled by the arrival of a third brother, Pilfer. Between the two of them they overwhelmed the outnumbered Autobot, and Jacknab prepared to harvest her optics as trophies to give to Boostwing, when the arrival of the rest of the Bee Team foiled his plans. Defeated shortly thereafter, Jacknab found himself cuffed to Pilfer and advised he had the right to run in silent mode.


  • Jacknab's name may refer to the Jackdaw, a type of crow.
  • Jacknab and his brothers share the same body-type as Filch, but with a different sculpted head in robot mode, and are somewhat smaller in size.


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