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The [[Robo-Smasher]] attempts to reprogram [[Omega Supreme (G1)|Omega Supreme]] in "[[The Secret of Omega Supreme]]".
:''Mirage is an [[Autobot]] in the [[Generation 1]] continuity.''
[[Image:Mirageg1.jpg|thumb|250px|right|"The ship was... full."]]
'''Mirage''' is what humans call "old money." Before the war, he was a member of affluent Cybertronian society, with his own large estate and high-priced friends. He enjoyed the finer things in life: vintage [[energon]], swank evening events, and [[turbofox]] hunts on the grounds. But when the war started, he was forced to choose sides and found himself banded with a group of commoners he didn't really understand.
The other Autobots don't trust Mirage. He feels the war, even after all these millions of years, is beneath him. War is not, after all, how civilized, erudite beings conduct themselves. He often questions the Autobots' violent means, and not-so-secretly hopes they and the Decepticons can get along. Because of this, he has been labelled by a few others as a Decepticon sympathizer.
Although the details vary by continuity, Mirage has the ability to create illusions which typically either render him invisible or make him appear to be somewhere he isn't.
He sounds like [ Dean Martin].
''Japanese name: '''Ligier''' ''<br>
''Italian name: '''Mistero''' ''
===Marvel Comics continuity===
====Generation 1====
''(Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.)''
Mirage was one of the Autobots on board the Ark when it crashed, and was subsequently reactivated in 1984. At first, Mirage was reluctant to full-on attack his Decepticon opponents, instead trying to reason with them. However, after a battle with the relentless [[Ravage]], Mirage learned that sometimes diplomacy is not an option.
''During an accident on the [[Ark]], [[Brawn]] suffered an extreme neuro-shock, causing him to rebel and turn against his teammates. Mirage helped the Autobots hunt him down and tranquelize him. This same accident also amplified Mirage's ability to create illusions, which he later used to trick the Decepticons into believing that a duel between Brawn and [[Starscream (G1)|Starscream]] ended with Brawn's death. The Decepticons felt totally stupid.''
Long after, he was blown to pieces by [[Octane]] during an Arctic battle arranged by [[Starscream (G1)| Starscream]] and repaired in time to be destroyed again in [[New York City]] by Starscream himself (empowered by the [[Underbase]]).
====Generation 2====
Disobeying [[Optimus Prime (G1)|Optimus Prime]]'s orders, [[Grimlock]] led a covert team (which included Mirage) onto the [[Cybertronian Empire]] ship ''[[Twilight]]'' to defeat [[Jhiaxus]] and his army of "evolved-Decepticons." Grimlock's plan was an utter failure, ending in [[Red Alert (G1)|Red Alert]]'s death and the Autobots' capture. Mirage was destroyed by enemy fire during the following prison break.
===Animated continuity===
:''Voice actor:'' [[Frank Welker]] (US), [[Takurō Kitagawa]] (Japan)
Mirage was part of the bridge crew of the ''[[Ark (G1)|Ark]]'' when it crash-landed on Earth four million years ago. A volcanic eruption in 1984 awakened the ''Ark'''s inhabitants, including Mirage, who was reformatted by [[Teletraan I]] to have a terrestrial alt-mode of a Formula-1 racer. With the battle against the [[Decepticons]] now transplanted to Earth, Mirage still hated warfare. He longed to return to [[Cybertron]] and simply turn his back to the evil Decepticons, but his loyalty to Optimus Prime kept him in the fight.
Mirage was instrumental in stopping the Decepticons from returning to Cybertron after amassing enough energon from Earth. The Decepticons had constructed a new star cruiser, and were in the process of flying home to tip the scales of the war in their favor. Mirage used his cloaking ability to sneak aboard the Decepticon ship. He uncloaked and opened fire, blasting away at the ship's controls. He then bailed from the doomed cruiser, floating back to Earth's surface on a parasail as the Decepticons crashed into the ocean.
====''Robot Masters'' (Japan-only)====
===Dreamwave comics continuity===
When [[Shockwave (G1)|Shockwave]] came to Earth and announced that the Autobot/Decepticon wars were over and that the two factions had been united, Mirage was one of the first to fall in with the new regime. The rest of the Autobots were wary of this development, and so a few (especially [[Cliffjumper (G1)|Cliffjumper]]) considered Mirage a traitor.
Mirage quickly realigned himself with the Autobot cause when Shockwave's true plan was revealed, and Cliffjumper seemed to forgive him.
===Generation 1===
*'''Mirage''' (1984/1986/1991)
: ''Japanese ID number:'' '''07'''
: Mirage was part of the original 1984 Autobot car assortment. His mold was originally used for a Diaclone F-1 Ligier JS-11 racer. The toy was specifically designed to work with the launcher mechanism contained in the Optimus Prime / Battle Convoy trailer. This toy is easily broken at the waist piviot. The labels on the toy are references to several real world company. The largest name, Citanes, is a deliberate corruption of Gitanes, a French cigaratte company (quite unusual for a child's toy). The toy included Gitanes' logo of a dancing gypsy woman on what ends up as Mirage's belt in robot form. Ligier is the name of the company that manufactures the car type, while elf is a reference to a French oil company that has since merged with TotalFina to become TotalFinaElf.
: Hasbro and/or Takara have announced that the mold for Mirage is either lost or damaged, so a reissue is unlikely. Mirage was also included in the 1986 ''Good Bye Convoy'' giftset; this was the final release of the mold, making Mirage the only of the original Autobots to not have been reissued in some form.
===Generation 2===
* '''Mirage'''
:Mirage was released in 1995 as a black and yellow recolor of the Go-bot [[Double Clutch (G2)|Double Clutch]]. He was also planned to be released as a flipchanger, but the ''Generation 2'' line was cancelled to make way for ''[[Beast Wars]]''. The unreleased mold was first used in ''[[Machine Wars]]''.
===Machine Wars===
* '''Mirage'''
:Mirage's form in ''Machine Wars'' transforms into an blue and white Formula racer. Like the other Machine Wars basics, the toy is a flipchanger, and his weapons are hidden in his alt mode. Unlike most of the ''Machine Wars'' toys, the head looks very similar to his G1 form. This is because the mold was originaly designed as Mirage for ''[[Generation 2]]''.
===Robot Masters===
* '''Rijie'''
: ''Japanese ID number:'' '''RM-03'''
: This toy used the ''[[Machine Wars]]'' mold, but in [[Generation 1]] colors.
: Because of legal reasons, "Ligier" could not be used for the name of the ''Robot Masters'' toy, so "Rijie", which has the same pronuciation in Japan, was used instead.
* '''Mirage'''
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The Robo-Smasher attempts to reprogram Omega Supreme in "The Secret of Omega Supreme".

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