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Jack Darby is a human from Prime continuity family.

Jack Darby

Jack Darby is a sixteen year-old boy from Jasper, Nevada. He lives with his mother, June Darby, who is a nurse. He works at a local burger joint. He is a bit of a reluctant hero and hesitant to get involved in the Autobot's War with the Decepticons at first.


Prime cartoon

Jack is living a normal life in Jasper, Nevada where he works at a local burger joint, harassed by bullies, wishing for something more.,and then on one fateful day he gets it ,After he gets off from work, he sees a beautiful motorcycle, and expresses an interest in owning one of his own someday, not knowing this "motorcycle" is an Autobot. Darkness Rising, Part 1

He is spotted with the cycle by a Vehicon duo, who take him to be an ally of the Autobots. The motorcycle gets Jack to safety before tossing him off in an alley, and telling him he never saw her. Jack runs but the Vehicons split, one after the Autobot the second after him, forcing Arcee to save him again. As they flee, they are are joined by Bumblebee, and they end up fighting the Vehicons in front of another human kid, Raf. Arcee tells them to run and they deal with the Vehicons.[citation needed]

The next day, Jack and Raf meet up, Jack saying they should just forget the whole thing happened, only for Bumblebee to show up and Raf goes with him, telling him Arcee will take him. Jack is reluctant to go anywhere with Arcee, who tells him that his life may depend on it when they're spotted by a teenaged girl named Miko, forcing them to bring her along.[citation needed]

Arcee and Bumblebee bring the three kids to the Autobot secret base in an old missile silo and bunker, where they are introduced to the rest of the team, Bulkhead, Ratchet, and their leader, Optimus Prime. Optimus educates the three humans about Autobots and their sworn enemies, the Decepticons, and the war that ravaged their home planet, Cybertron.[citation needed]

The Decepticons minions, the Vehicons saw Jack and Raf associating with Arcee and Bumblebee, leading them to believe the four are allies, which makes the humans by default the Decepticons' enemies. Optimus assigns Arcee to Jack, Bumblebee to Raf, and Bulkhead to Miko to act as the kids' protectors, and have them hide when Special Agent William Fowler arrives, not happy about the 'bots and 'cons' activities. Optimus assures Fowler they can handle the threat and the agent leaves.[citation needed]

He sends the children home with their protectors and Jack is caught by his mother with Arcee in her vehicle mode, mistaking her for an ordinary motorcycle. Though initially not happy Jack "bought" a motorcycle without her permission, Jack, to cover up, explains himself reasonably well and gets away with it. The next morning, Arcee takes Jack back to base where they learn of the return of Megatron.[citation needed]


Jack is reasonably mature for his age, though somewhat of the sterotypical teenager. He is a bit of a reluctant hero and is at first hesitant to get involved in the Autobot's War with the Decepticons. He is also protective of his friends Raf and Miko, looking out for them like an older brother of sorts, and he has a strong friendship with his protector, Arcee to the point of considering her family. Jack highly respects Optimus and rarely questions his orders and rules. Jack is courageous and quick-thinking, seen in his first encounter with the Decepticon assassin Airachnid when he blew up her ship using an energon leak and makeshift torch. Ratchet has compared Jack's personality to that of Optimus, before he became a Prime. This maturity impressed Optimus so much that he entrusted the Key to Vector Sigma to Jack.


Jack is a skilled motorcyclist and mechanic, and is able to think on his feet in tense situations.


  • Jack shares his voice actor, Josh Keaton, with Arcee's previous partner, Tailgate, possibly a nod to Arcee and Jack being partners.
  • He forms a strong bond with the Autobot Arcee, who acts as his protector.
  • Following Sam Witwicky, Jack is the second human character to be granted the title of Honorary Prime. Sam achieved this rank by risking his life to save his Optims Prime. Jack achieved this rank when his Optimus Prime gave him the Key to Vector Sigma after Jack's various acts of responsibility.
  • He apparently also is a Mech Warrior of the Northwind Highlanders. Weird.
  • As of Season 3 he apparently keeps a picture of Arcee on his cellphone. Considering past human/bot romances it's worth noting.
  • His outfit is similar to Kevin Levin from ben 10.