jAaM jaAm rEvOLutiOn

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HoT sHot liKs jAM. yuM!

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Just before the Armada toyline's imminent release in 2002, scans of the first pack-in mini-comic were put online both at and at Ben's World of Transformers, the latter of which received early production samples from Hasbro for review. The original comic was trilingual, forcing the writer to fit three languages worth of dialogue into tiny word bubbles, resulting in short and often stilted prose. Because of these limitations, many found the mini-comic to be a bit lacking. The British fan Yartek took it upon himself to rewrite the dialogue as nonsense, portraying Hot Shot as a mentally challenged, tortured freak of nature, famously proclaiming such things as "mY liFE iS PaIn" and "i eAt y0ur bAbIEs", and "WhY mY ShOuLdErS hUrT?" in randomly uppercase and lowercase letters. (This was, perhaps, Yartek's commentary on the art.)

The rewritten mini-comic proved to be wildly popular in the fandom and grew to be one of the most persistent memes through the duration of Armada and beyond. When Ben Yee overhauled his toy review system, he commissioned Hot Shot fan David Willis to create a series of images based on the mini-comic. Ironically, the Hot Shot toy itself rated poorly on Ben Yee's scale.

Hot Shot's love of jaAm has not been acknowledged yet by any official story material. The first Dreamwave Energon mini-comic did include both Hot Shot and a pool of yellow-green liquid energon, however. Some take this as a visual reference to the jaAm parody, but no overt reference was made.


  • Hot Shot (Deluxe, 2009)

Hot Shot's rear licenseplate makes direct reference to this fan edit reading "JAAM". Yumm. According to his bio, Hot Shot is obsessed with something called JaAm, which most Autobots think is some obscure fuel source, but no one knows for sure.

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