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J'nwan is a location in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

At the Mountains of Magnus

J'nwan is the name given by the inhabitants of Cybertron to the region of their planet which intersects with a subspace fissure rotating through numerous pocket dimensions. The effect of this quantum flux in the local traumasphere is to produce a maddening landscape which seemingly ignores all logic and physics. Navigation is rendered nearly impossible, enormous objects and structures spring forth and vanish unpredictably, and the ultimate result of J'nwan's mere presence on unprepared minds is to destroy them utterly.

It is in this forbidding place that the Authority and countless other Transformers of legend have chosen to live out the rest of their existences. How, precisely, they have made themselves able to remain in J'nwan without succumbing to psychosis or death is unknown, though it is possible their hyperdeveloped mental bonds aid them. (Other, far more interesting theories, such as them alll being mad anyhow or not being real at all, are at this point mere speculation.)

There are present within J'nwan certain obelisks of apparently non-Cybertronic origin; whether this means individuals from other dimensions intersected by the same subspace fissure dwell therein has yet to be revealed.


Reaching the Omega Point[]

A party of rebels led by Sandstorm, seeking aid from their legendary heroes against the invincible Predacon warlord Shokaract, entered J'nwan. One by one they fell, destroyed by the very incomprehensible nature of J'nwan itself. Only Sandstorm, secretly the Covenant member Scorpius, possessed sufficient mental discipline to survive. Climbing an impossibly high cliff which appeared from nowhere, Sandstorm ultimately was able to make contact with the Authority and his brethren, only to be rebuffed. When he left J'nwan, he found his departure made substantially easier than his entrance, which he attributed to some unknown assistance by the Authority.