Ishinomaki Prime (イシノマキプライム Ishinomaki Puraimu) is the Autobot Town Commander assigned to the city of Ishinomaki .


  • Ishinomaki Prime is part of the "Cybertron Satellite" promotion wherein select towns and neighborhoods in Japan had their own "mascots".
  • Like all Cybertron Satellite Town Commanders, Ishinomaki Prime is modelled after a pre-existing Legends Class or Cyberverse Legion figure; specifically, he's based on the Prime Air Vehicon.
  • In reference to the museum in Ishinomaki dedicated to famed manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori, Ishinomaki Prime features design cues taken from Ishinomori's Cyborg 009 series, including the heroes' long flowing scarves and chest-buttons. Add in that his source mold is known as the "Jet Vehicon" in Japan, this may have been meant to tie Ishinomaki Prime specifically to protagonist Jet Link, Cyborg 002.
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